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Time for feds to root out racism in Ga.
Letter to the Editor generic


I have lived in Liberty County for 25 years now. So far I have met some wonderful people, individuals who would give you the coat of their back, however many of the people and the culture have veiled racist undertones.

This year the undertones rose to the surface when the justice department failed to prosecute two

white men in Brunswick. for the murder of an unarmed black jogger.

By now everyone has seen and heard the tragic tale of Ahmuad Arbery. The story is heart wrenching and infuriating. The crime was awful but more than that Tom Durden could have brought charges against the killers immediately but he did not.

I understand that the DA is busy however when you are too busy to bring justice than you are too busy and I am inclined to believe that the DA failed to bring charges because of the racist undertones more so than simply being busy. If it is racism that caused a miscarriage of justice than, The United

States, as well as GA, needs a systematic overhaul. My hope is that the federal government will investigate and if that investigation results in a racist cause the feds will take steps to root out the racism in Georgia.

John Corrigan Hinesville 

Editor’s note: Durden is the Atlantic Judicial Circuit DA and does not ordinarily prosecute crime in Glynn County. He did not get Arbery case until April 13. After an investigation, Durden announced May 5 he would present his findings to a Glynn County grand jury. Courts are currently closed in Georgia until June 12 due to COVID-19.


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