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Toothpicks needed to get crow from between teeth
Letter to the editor

Editor: I read with interest and humor the letter to the editor from Lynda Hall in the Nov. 16 issue. Lynda does a fine job of expressing her feelings about the presidential election results as well as her thoughts about my letter to the editor regarding the same.

As one would expect, Lynda is a woman of much class and dignity who eloquently and correctly turns my own words and concept around to point out that to no one’s surprise I have gotten into trouble (again) for something I said - and she does it by repeatedly referring to me as a "gentleman." (I had a wonderful teacher in high school, Mrs. Annie B. Givins, who was the only person in the world who could effectively put me in my place without raising my juvenile ire when I was similarly out of order.)

Nevertheless, I remain committed to the notion that Mr. Trump’s election does not breathe life into the dinosaur called "conservative Republican" but only prolongs the anguish of living on life support a wee bit longer.

I also do not want to believe Lynda puts her full confidence into Mr. Trump as the desired selection to keep the "conservative" dinosaur alive. (Where is Sam Nunn when you need him?)

With the House, Senate and bully pulpit all controlled by those of similar ilk, maybe there will be progress in the American political system. More importantly, hopefully there will not be another unjustified war which killed tens of thousands of innocent people due to the American people being lied to that weapons of mass destruction were held by the perceived enemy.

So … let the circus begin.

In the meantime, I am headed to Kroger to buy some toothpicks to get this crow out of my teeth.

Will Darsey


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