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Unlike feds, state plan creates jobs
The people's business
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As a leader in the state Senate, I often reflect on the vision of our nation’s founders and, on occasion, will even go back and read The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States.
Today I’m reminded of the biggest grievance against the King of England — “Taxation without Representation” — and think how our country has been asleep at the wheel so to speak when it comes to paying taxes and government spending. We’ve been asleep because taxes come out of each paycheck, which hinders our ability to see how much we’re really being taxed. Do you realize that most Americans have to work a half of a year just to pay for their federal taxes alone? That’s a real eye-opener. Let me give you another one.  
Washington is spending trillions more taxpayer dollars for a “stimulus” package on the basis that the money will be paid back. By whom? AIG, which just handed out millions of our tax dollars for executive bonuses? No.
In the end, it’s the taxpayer who will continue to pay the government as it invests in one government bailout after another. Here in Georgia, we’re proposing a true stimulus package for a robust economy creating an economic environment that encourages opportunity, productivity and innovation. The hard-working people of Georgia — not big government — are the key to economic prosperity.
Recognizing that these are challenging days for most families and businesses, leaders of the Georgia General Assembly are offering a single legislative package that acknowledges and appreciates the people of our state being the driving economic force.   
The Jobs, Opportunity and Business Success Act (JOBS) is comprised of two bills — House Bill 481 and 482.  This proposal, currently under consideration in the Senate, helps small businesses in Georgia through tax incentives and credits. The act provides a new business filing fee holiday, a $500 credit for businesses that hire individuals currently on our unemployment roles, a $2,400 income tax credit for each eligible employee hired, and the elimination of the sales tax deposit. The act would also eliminate the state inventory tax on all Georgia businesses.  
This proposal serves as a constructive solution to create an environment that makes Georgia attractive to new business startups as well as businesses seeking to expand in Georgia.  It fosters the creation of jobs through the removal of government imposed barriers and provides incentives for job creation by independent businesses.  
Current stimulus proposals include government sponsored spending projects that create “work,” not jobs. That approach runs contrary to free market principles and entrepreneurship.The cost of government created and funded work projects are high and taxpayers will pay the ultimate price for many years. It’s not enough that Washington has used up our children’s credit. Now the spending has gotten so out of control that our grandchildren will be paying our debts.  
Our plan spends absolutely no taxpayer dollars and allows the market to immediately respond. A less restrictive and constraining government will lead to a faster recovery. Georgia’s proposal harnesses the greatness of Georgia, the intellectual capital, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the true grit of every Georgian.  

Williams is president pro tempore of the Georgia Senate. He represents the 19th Senate District, which includes Appling, Jeff Davis, Long, Montgomery, Toombs, Wayne, and Wheeler counties and a portion of Liberty and Tattnall counties. He can be reached at (404) 656-0089 or by e-mail at
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