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Voting problems still exist
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

This letter is once again addressing voting irregularities at my polling place. When myself and my spouse [went together as witnesses] arrived at our polling place, the first thing I noticed was no law enforcement present [as also during presidential elections -none ]. I was greeted at the door by once again a person I have never seen before previously at my polling place. At this time she request my pictured I.D. - which I gave her. She also requested my spouses pictured I.D. which she gave her. It is at this point in the voting procedure that -what seems to me - unusual and/or once again unusual and different from recent presidential election irregularities. She then presented myself and my wife a clip board [2] with a form attached. We were instructed to only fill out the “Highlighted” sections. She attached my spouses picture I.D. to her clip board. She then left with my picture I.D. and approached a separate table, at which time the people at that table motioned for other polling place workers come “close.” She then returned to myself and my spouse’s location.

At this time there were no voters present - neither voting nor pre-registering. I inquired why my picture I.D. was not attached to my clip board. At which time she responded, “You will receive your I.D. after you vote.”

I found this very unusual. I completed the form at which time I noticed “voter” party preference [Republican/Democrat] not highlighted on myself or my spouse’s form. I inquired to this and was instructed by this person, “they will take care of that inside,” I found this unusual.  I then proceeded to “check” my voter preference. At which time I was informed, “you are not supposed to check anything not “highlighted.”

My spouse also “checked” her preference at this time. At this time myself and my spouse were directed to the next station. At with time I was instructed to sit in chair #5 - my spouse was allowed to sit in chair #1 - no other voters were waiting or voting at this time. From my vantage point I could witness my previous position at which time several additional “voters” {3} had arrived at this time. I overheard the person at my previous position to instruct a person with a military I.D. card [no picture] that “she would be allowed to vote this time -but- next please bring a pictured I.D.”

I was then  instructed to please sign my name next to my signature on the form signed when entering the seating area [my name only one signed and printed on form] At this time myself and my spouse were directed to vote at certain voting machines. I then inquired why are voting machine “assigned” - at which time yet another person I have I never seen  before at my polling place previously instructed me to “use the machine assigned or leave and return later.”

No other voters other than myself and my spouse were present. I politely referenced “How long have you been in this area. Her response was “11 months.” I voted using the assigned machine. My spouse’s pictured I.D. had been returned - but my pictured I.D. remained at yet another position with yet more people I have never witnessed at my polling place previously. As I crossed the room to enter my “vote sheet” - I paused to examine my “vote sheet” for correctness at with time I was instructed, “please continue to next machine promptly.”

After entering my “voting sheet” in the machine. I then inquired if could have my picture I.D. returned. I was then instructed to retrieve my pictured I.D. at yet another positioned occupied by people never present before at my polling place, and exit. My guess is I received “special” treatment due to a previous letter submitted to the Coastal Courier.  My question is - why - each time I vote - something changes in the process, new people appear and new questions arise. Now the “Voting Public” are witness to the same irregularities [vote counting disruptions/count totals and chain-of-custody irregularities] in the run-off election as appeared in the recent presidential election. Once again I am not a troublemaker -but- How many other voters witnessed these irregularities and how are people to “TRUST” the voting procedure in the “State of Georgia” with all the irregularities here and other Georgia counties. DOES MY VOTE COUNT?????

Gary D Sutton


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