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We can agree to disagree
Patty Leon

I was reading the column written July 2, by my colleague Jeff Whitten over at our sister newspaper the Bryan County News. I didn’t realize Bro-Country was a genre of music. I looked it up and now I’m a bit more in the know.

I’ve always been interested in Spoken Word Poetry but that’s kind of hard to do, in print, since technically it is meant to be Spoken out loud not read.

But inspired by Jeff’s Bro-Country lyrics I think I’ll still give it a try.

This one is titled “We can agree to disagree.”

We can agree to disagree,

As long as we do so respectfully.

As they say you do you, and I’ll do me,

And we can always agree to disagree.

Many parents right now are feeling the frustration,

Whether to keep their child home or send to school for education.

Some have no choice because they need to make that pay,

They have no time to be sitting home with a child all day.

Some beg and plead, when out please wear a mask,

Others balk and say that’s a scam of a task.

They say forcing folks to wear one takes away our liberty, 

For others it’s a gesture that should come so naturally.

Wearing masks saves lives, benefits mankind,

Nonsense! It’s media hype to keep us dumb and blind.

As they say you do you, and I’ll do me,

And we can always agree to disagree.

The U.S. is split in half, both parties in a fight,

Neither side relenting, for fear they lose their might.

Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter which is right, and which is wrong?

Until we can come together the fights just keep going on.

And those in position that could stop the insanity,

Have lost all their focus in protecting humanity.

And thanks to social media you can just click unfollow,

But when it’s people that you love that a hard pill to swallow.

Racial injustice has been ongoing for hundreds of years,

It’s time we come together and face all our fears.

Because fear breeds hatred mistrust and more lies,

It’s time to work together to calm the battle cries.

And if you don’t like this message, you say none of this is true,

It’s okay that we disagree but I will still respect you.

Whew! That’s a bit deep huh? I think I need to lighten things up a bit. My next Spoken (Written, whatever) Poetry is called “Get in my tummy please.”

Pineapple on pizza, get out of here with that,

I’d rather have a meat loaded pizza made with bacon fat.

Tofu over meat, is that even a real choice?

A steak medium rare, tender, and moist.

Pulled pork sandwich served with mac-n-cheese,

All these yummy foods get in my tummy please.

Southern fried chicken, grits, and dinner rolls,

Sushi and fried rice with a ramen noodle bowl.

Loaded baked potato with extra bacon and cheese,

All these yummy foods get in my tummy please.

Okay, now I’m just hungry! 

The point of all this gobbly-gook is that we are all different. We have different opinions, different political affiliations, and points of view. We might be from different ethnic and racial backgrounds, eat different foods and practice different religions. But we shouldn’t let our differences get in the way of being kind and respectful to one another. And it’s not always easy. We all have things that set us off, I know I sure do. But with all the madness that is 2020 right now I’m willing to listen and learn and be open to differences of opinion. I hope you all will too.

Now to the final important matter at hand. So far 2020 has served us up COVID-19, Monster Hornets, Hurricanes before June 1, Sahara Desert dust storm and most recently Meth-Gators and flying snakes (saw it on Facebook therefore it MUST be true).

I predict in August we will see the return of Godzilla and Mothra. This time they fight over the United States and Gamera will come and save the day (Unless the Gargantuan Brothers get to him first).

Be good, be kind and remember we can always agree to disagree, let’s just do it respectfully.

Patty Leon

Senior Editor

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