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We don’t need any resolutions, do we?
Patty Leon new

And be “we,” I mean ME. I don’t need any New Year’s Resolution hanging like a dark cloud over my head as we enter 2022. I don’t need the added stress of saying I WILL lose weight in the New Year, only to find the scale going in the wrong direction. I don’t need to resolve to eat better because I love burgers and bacon, and chicken wings and an ice-cold beer while watching football. Ain’t no way I’m going to resolve watching less TV because I like my shows and my TV routine.

Maybe we should all make 2022 the year we all say no to New Year’s Resolutions. I mean, you (meaning me) are likely to make many you (meaning me) know you can’t keep. Or Covid will mess it up for you or whatever the next global virus is.

I certainly don’t like setting myself up for failure so resolutions are a NOPE for me! Or maybe I can resolve to do just the things I know I can stick to. That might be a better plan. 

I’ll resolve to sleep in late on days I have off. I can commit to that. I’ll resolve to adopt a new elderly dog for the New Year and give it a great home. That one is easy-peasy!

I can stick to a resolution where I find a new and interesting restaurants to dine at once a month. I will resolve to drive by a gym and wave at the folks inside working out, you know offer my own little, “Way to go!”

I resolve to NOT travel to Miami in 2022 so I can resolve to keep my sanity while avoiding what is REAL RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC!

I can promise to look up new and funny Florida Man stories…just because those are priceless!

Like this one from News Channel 8 (

Authorities in Brevard County said they arrived to a fire in a Titusville Road and found a man holding a sword and drinking alcohol in October. Police said the fire was in front of Scott Taylor’s home and, when they arrived, he was holding the sword and had a knife in his waistband. They also said he began chugging from a half-gallon-sized Captain Morgan spiced rum bottle when they arrived. Taylor couldn’t provide an answer as to why he started a fire in the road, police said.

I can stick to a resolution where I do nothing but play with my dogs for one hour each day. I resolve to NOT use my home gym as a clothes hanger and at least dust it once a week. That should count as exercise!

I got a new piece of ghost hunting equipment for Christmas and I resolve to set up more investigations next year. I bet I can prove there is more evidence of ghosts and UFOs than there is of wide spread voter fraud in the 2020 elections. (Oh-oh, some are going to get a bit testy on this one, I resolve to NOT care what they think of me for having my own opinion).

I resolve to continue to love myself as I am and for who I am and can do the same for my fellow man. EVERY ONE should resolve to do this (but again we know it will not happen).

I can stick to a resolution where I have to brush my teeth a few times each day (because I already do this) as well as promise to wear clothes when out in public (I also already do this and some of the Walmart fashionistas should try this one too).

I resolve to fill my car’s gas tank when it nears empty and not wait until the little red light comes on. I can also promise to wash my car AS NEEDED (and I get to determine if it is needed).

I’m pretty sure these are resolutions I can stick to and make 2022 a year to look forward to. I hope you all have a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

Patty Leon is senior editor of the Courier. 

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