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We should fight city hall
Letter to editor
Letter to the Editor generic

Editor: When one has exhausted all venues to get information inquired about from our government, and you get no responses, and are totally ignored, what is one to do to get their attention?

You go public with your queries in hopes that someone in government will finally have the “light bulb” go on in their brain and say to themselves “this is embarrassing and we must do a better job” and they will now attempt to make contact with those they serve.

Those we elect to be a spokesperson on our behalf, it is hoped that they sought the position they have to serve the needs of our citizenry and to help improve the quality of life of our citizens and our city. Sadly, though, it is not happening that way for the most part. 

Some of these elected officials seem to think that we are below them, and they don’t have time to talk with us and allow us to work with them in concert to help improve our quality of life in this city. 

Growing a city takes teamwork and last time I checked the dictionary there is no letter “i” in teamwork.  These elected officials need to understand they work for us. We voted for them and we can fire them come re-election time. We also have a say so as to what we want or not in this city. If they don’t vote in our needs fire them come re-election time.

Now regarding those employed by the city, it is my understanding that they also have these jobs to serve our needs depending on their title and position and are doing this job to also serve the needs of our fair city. At least it is hoped that it is so and not just a job to collect a paycheck. These positions are a customer service business.  I do have to say though that I have gotten good responses from them in that area.

With that being said, I decided to do some investigative research to impart to citizens of this great city information to help them learn what their rights and obligations are as citizens of Hinesville.

Let me start by stating the city of Hinesville’s webpage was in disarray for several weeks.  You would think the city would have made an announcement when it was fixed again and given us the URL=link to access it but no they did not. You send out emails, even make phone calls and other methods of inquiry and they do not respond or give you an answer which is basically they don’t know themselves and you are told “they are working on it.” 

That is all well and good but how about letting the citizens know when you update or fix something such as this.

We, as citizens, must become active and be a part of the process of what we expect from our city government. It takes teamwork both with our elected officials and its citizens, otherwise we will not succeed.

If you have a sitting city council person who you feel is not taking the time to listen to your concerns then let he or she know that come re-election time they are fired and that you will vote someone else in their stead that will be active with the folks they represent. We hold the power, not them, as to whether they stay in office or not. You may even consider running yourself next go round if need be, to get them removed if there is no one else to select.

If you are unhappy with the job your city council person is doing let them know. If they act like the Tasmanian devil work to have them replaced come re-election time. If they are doing a wonderful job praise them and support them and re-elect them. 

Also, make your voices heard by going to city council meetings the first and third Thursday of each month at 3 p.m. in the council chamber at Hinesville City Hall. 

This is on the first floor at 115 East M.L. King, Jr. Drive, Hinesville, GA 31313. 

If you are unable to attend the meetings you can read the minutes of each meeting, view video’s about it, and complete written text of the meeting at link below;

Carol Surzinksi


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