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What is going to remain?
Pastor Dennis
Pastor Dennis Heimermann

I am a Pastor of a great little church in Midway, Ga. I moved down here with my family in 2015 to pastor that church. I am from the North. WisCONsin kind of North. I was raised there my whole life and my wife has the same upbringing. We love the Lord and we love the opportunity to be servants in our community. We have assimilated to life in Liberty County and we love it down here in the deep South. I could be considered an outsider. It could be said I do not quite know how things work around here. I do not have history down here. My family and I are creating new history. Here is something I have learned quickly. I love this area and I love these people. I love the Lord and I believe God has a plan to show His Glory in the world, from out of this area. The Message of the Gospel is what will change this world. I know it to be so; it worked in my life.

If I want to change the world, I can start where I live. My family, my neighbors, my street, my block, my work, my church, my city, my organization, my school, and keep on going.

What is going to remain? I brought up some of the outside things. I brought up some things that I can do and maybe even fake my way through. I

have been part of things in my life where my heart was not right. It is not what I can do; it is what I am. Some things matter more than others.

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:13 “Three things will last forever-faith, hope, and love-and the greatest of these is love.”

In all our striving and living, are our efforts being put into what will remain? When I am putting together my priorities for the day, month, or year; am I putting my efforts and attention into what matters? Nobody is going to say, I wish I would have stressed more in life. No one is going to ever think, I should have worried more. No one is going to say, man I think I loved too much. I should have backed off some.

The love spoken here is Agape love. This kind of love cannot be crammed down someone’s throat. It cannot be legislated. It cannot be faked. The Agape love really is the love of God.

It is perfect, complete, and pure. Agape show’s itself to the undeserving who are seeking truth.

Agape is what caused a perfect Jesus to die for an imperfect humanity.

Agape does not leave things as they were or settles

for how they are.

Agape is what saved a wretch like me.

What will remain?

What are we intending to leave behind after we are gone? Faith (Reliance), Hope (Expectation), and Love. The Greatest is Love. Let us experience it, let us accept it, and let us share it.

God’s love (Agape) is what will heal our land.

We can know the difference when we know the difference maker.

He has a name; it is the matchless name of Jesus.

Dennis Heimermann is the Pastor of New Life Family Church Midway, GA and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.


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