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What's wrong with our schools?
Letter to editor
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Editor, What’s wrong with our education system, our educators?
In your May 31, 2013, article on BOE travel, you quoted the BOE chairwoman, Ms. Lily Baker, as saying “That’s what I’m saying, we don’t get no salary,” — a double negative. Now I’m assuming and hoping that she may have been taking poetic license to emphasize her point, but that would be ill advised for someone in her position, or perhaps she doesn’t know better. If that be the case, she should take advantage of the county’s program for adults in remedial English grammar.
And of course, there’s always another possibility. Your reporter, Danielle Hipps, misquoted Ms. Baker or it is a typo. If true, you need to apologize to Ms. Baker, and print a correction or a retraction to your article.

Arthur M. Parker

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