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Why I am thankful at Thanksgiving
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear editor: 

In these times of unrest and divisiveness we sometimes forget what we have to be thankful for, here are some of the things I am thankful, for:

1. Christians who have been given a guarantee of a perfect life everlasting

2. A heavenly father who loves us despite our imperfections

3. A beautiful world with unbelievable splendor

4. A country that allows us the liberty of worshipping God

5. Friends and family that bring us joy and happiness here on earth

What we are responsible for:

1. Sharing God’s love with others

2. Making every effort to do what leads to peace and support of our fellowman

3. Living a life that is focused on others instead of ourselves

4. Leaving a legacy of faith and good works not to be saved but because we are saved

5. Trusting in God to lead our life and our country’s

During this Thanksgiving we Christians have an excellent opportunity to show others through word and deed our greatest blessing, which is Salvation.   

While we could focus on the things in this world that are wrong, I encourage everyone to be thankful for our undeserved blessings and share those blessings with others. God bless you and our country.

Jim Niksch


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