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The Win-Dex Award goes to?
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Karen E. Bell, Keep Liberty Beautiful, Executive Director, Teresa Hogan, Bojangles Manger, Dave Sapp, Keep Liberty Beautiful, Chairman. - photo by Photo provided.

The Win-Dex award is a quarterly award program which is Keep Liberty Beautiful way of recognizing those businesses in Liberty County community, who make that extra effort to keep their businesses attractive and inviting. These businesses are run by people who have figured out that looking good makes a statement about the kind of business that they are! KLB need your help in giving these local businesses the recognition each quarter that they deserve. Each quarter we have a committee that select one business who keep their exterior or storefront neat and their landscape attractive--no matter what the size or budget of the company. Keep Liberty Beautiful and the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce has awarded over 40 winners since 2007, and they were really attractive and well-maintained properties.

We call this award the Win-dex Awards because we thought that we should recognize those businesses that are so clean, so attractive, so litter-free that they would have a ‘streak-free shine’. There are plenty of business out there.  Just take a look around you. Email your nomination to or call (912) 880-4888.  Also, don’t hesitate if you want to nominate your own business, or the business that employs you. Remember that your reason for nominating a business is a crucial part of the judging of the award, so make sure that you fully explain why this business is deserving of this recognition. 

The 1st Quarter of 2019 winner is Bojangles in Hinesville - Congratulations! 

 Bojangles landscape is well tended and incorporated green infrastructure practices, of using permeable pavers. So, not only do they have a nice looking landscape, but they’re also doing something to manage stormwater. 

What is permeable pavers and how do they reduce excess stormwater, and encourage beautication.  Permeable pavers are manufactured to the same high quality standards of all concrete paving stones. The shape of the paver allows for larger gaps between the stones which in turn permits water to rapidly drain through the surface into a base material that can accommodate a tremendous amount of water.

Permeable pavers allow drainage through the gaps between the pavers into the subsurface eliminating standing water. Drainage pavers are a cost-effective solution to flooding among a growing class of green-conscious homeowners, colleges, and businesses, who want to reduce their contribution to the stormwater runoff problem. To give you an idea of how the permeable pavers works, if a 12” base layer of gravel is used then approximately 4” of water in that base material is store. This benefits the environment by infiltrating water back into the ground and recharging aquifers for future generations to use.

Creating an attractive community through the physical environment can improve the quality of life.  Using the property entrances, exits, fencing, landscaping, and lighting can enhance how they look.  Good maintenance and landscaping provides a sense of caring and by making simple changes can improve how others see the business, school, or home.  

Keep America Beautiful envisions a country where every community is a clean, green and beautiful place to live. Each year millions of volunteers works on beautification and greening programs that impact more than 20,000 communities annually. Beautification projects include planting native species plants, community gardens, trees, urban forestry, vacant lot transformation, graffiti abatement, and fighting blight- which results in positive, lasting impact in communities across the country.  

When a business owner takes pride in the appearance of their property by keeping it clean and well maintained it is a major indicator of a successful business. An attractive business helps make employees want to come to work, they are happy, healthy, and productive while also leaving a good first impression on business partners and potential customers.

Some benefits of having an attractive business are: 

1. When a business area is clean and free of litter this instills confidence and creates trust with employees and customers 

2. Customers believe that a tidy business environment means quality products and services.  A potential customer will most certainly be judging a location based on how the area looks and feels.  

3. Most employees consider their workplaces as a second home and spends around 8 hours in the workplace. Business owners need to focus their efforts on keeping the work place clean and tidy. By keeping the work area maintained, it allows employees to be productive, efficient, and more importantly, happy.

4. Hiring professionals to maintain the outside of a business helps to create a schedule for the upkeep.   A properly organized maintains schedule is extremely important, it signifies a level of professionalism and tells potential customers that the owner cares. 

For more information about the Win-Dex Award or Keep Liberty Beautiful programs call (912) 880-4888 or email  

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