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'Win-win' with Michael Vick
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I see where the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick to a one-year contract with an option for a second year. Well, you know what; I’m happy for the Eagles, happy for Vick and happy for the Atlanta Falcons, too.
First off, the Eagles: They were one of the teams that said they had no interest in Vick a few weeks ago. My how an injury to your backup quarterback can change a team’s mind. Early last week, the Eagles backup QB, Kevin Kolb, hurt his knee. It didn’t appear to be that serious, but who knows, maybe he is made of glass.
One good thing about Vick signing in Philadelphia is that the crazy fans up there don’t really appear (to me anyway) to be the type to really care about Vick’s past problems with the law.
I don’t think we’ll see that many people at Veteran’s Stadium passing out literature about “Not Hiring a Dog Killer” like some of the PETA quacks did last week at the Hall of Fame Game. Maybe a few, but not many.
I know some of you card-carrying members of PETA are a little perturbed that the NFL didn’t draw and quarter Vick but, like I’ve said many times in the past, yes, what the man did was wrong, but the dogs were still property — not kids, not women, not another human being, but animals/property.
Ellie, relax, daddy still loves you, even if you are just property. For those of you whose heads that went over, Ellie is my family dog.
The Eagles will be a good place for Vick to start over and, who knows, with McNabb’s health, there is a high probability we’ll see Mikey on the field before the year is out.
And what about Vick? How does this work out for him? The contract specifics were not revealed, but I’m sure it has many incentives. So if Vick does do well, he will probably be hanging out in the City of Brotherly Love for a while.
And speaking of love, will Vick feel the love in Philadelphia? Probably. Like I said, we will see a few small crowds protesting the former convict, but in Philly all the fans really care about is winning.
Ask McNabb, one of the steadiest QB’s to suit up during the last 10 years. Two years ago, those fickle fans were calling for his head.
One good thing for Vick is he won’t feel pressure like he did in Atlanta. As long as McNabb stays healthy, this is Donovan’s team as long as Andy Reid is the coach. So Vick will have the opportunity to vie for a backup role and show whatever talent he still has.
And the third entity, who should be happy tonight, is the Atlanta Falcons. The home team can finally put the Vick era behind it and the Matt Ryan era can kick into full force.
Lets face it folks, Vick was never that good of a quarterback. He was a great athlete, but not a great quarterback, not even a good quarterback.
I wish him well and hope he winds up as a starter next year in, say, St. Louis. Hmmmm, think about it.
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