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Words of thanks seem inadequate
Letter to the editor

Editor, When the worst disaster in the history of Turner County struck on the afternoon of Jan. 22, the immediate response was beyond anything we ever imagined. Every county surrounding us that was not hit, sent emergency crews. Police, Sheriff and the various EMS responded. The linemen who came were simply amazing.

When everyone was accounted for, some went home. Some stayed to help clean up.

People who did not know each other stood side by side with chainsaws, tractors and earth moving equipment. They worked in the yards and at the homes of people they’d never met and did not know.

From chaos sprang order. From despair sprang hope. We feared apathy and were overwhelmed with an outpouring of love, concern and support.

Over the next two weeks, cleanup continued. Over the next two weeks, people continued to respond. Our emergency relief center, set up in Sconyers Gin’s cotton warehouse was a Biblical flood of supplies. Many semi loads of came in, delivering everything needed for a home except the actual physical structure. Many semi loads went out to the people who lost everything in the tornado.

We were stunned when other relief centers in affected counties sent items our way. When we heard of a need from them, we sent what we could.

You proved, without question, that we can put aside any and all differences and come together when needed. Turner County thanks you. Please know, we do not wish this kind of disaster on anyone. But if it happens to you, we’ll be there to help you.

Again, thank you. Words are woefully inadequate, but it is what we have.

Ben Baker,

editor, The

Wiregrass Farmer

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