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Annual All Sports Physicals 2019-2020 to be held
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This past month was National Athletic Trainers month. The theme for this year was “AT’s are health care.” From preventative services and injury assessment to emergency care and rehabilitation, athletic trainers provide an unmatched continuum of health care. One can see athletic trainers in several areas of work such as littler leaguers, professional athletes, military personnel, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Athletic trainers are also working in Rodeos, NASCAR, and on stage.

This shows that athletic trainers are diverse. The one common thread for all athletic trainers is that they provide healthcare to a diverse population.

With that explained, keep in mind Annual All Sports Physicals will be held April 13, at Liberty County High School. Physicals will be held from 8 a.m.-noon.  The doors will be locked after 11:45 a.m. so that the physicals end at noon.  This will enable those medical and para-medical professions who volunteer their time to be finished by noon.  All female athletes will be seen from 8-10 a.m. and only those male athletes who have a sporting activity that day may also be seen during those same hours.  All other male athletes will be seen starting at 10 a.m. through noon.  As in the past it is requested that at least one parent accompany the student athlete so as to eliminate unsigned physicals and also be able to answer any medical questions about the athlete.

The following medical personnel and par-medical personnel will be volunteering their time to help conduct the physical: Dr. David Sedory from Optim Orthopedic. The following instructors and students who are participating in the License Practical Nurse Program: Helen Yates-Instructor, Kissiah Moore-Instructor. The following are students: Qviyana Brooks, Jamie Combs, Erin Doughtie, Cherie Federick, Kathryn Gardner, Marsha Glenn, Malory Grooms, Stephanie Hahn, Kuewenda Harris, Jannie Jason, Cheryl McQueen, April Money, Yanyra Pacheo, Nicole Raburn, Janasya Reid, Justin Ritz, Xiomy Villalobos, and Katherine Whitney. CORA Physical Therapy will have the following participants who are volunteering their time: Bryan Bost, Carrie Rip, and Heather Daman, who are physical therapists.  The following personnel are also from CORA and work as athletic trainers: Vinny Tuforo, Ally Thor and Jackie Kachur.

The following medical personnel are from the Liberty Regional Medical Center: Dr. Christy McCain, Dr. Henry Taylor and Martha Kitchings, NPC.

Much appreciation goes to athletic directors and coaches from the various schools in the system because without the help of all of these professionals this event would be impossible to conduct.  A big “thank you” also goes out to all the medical and para-medical professions who volunteer their time to help with these annual physicals.

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