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Athletes must take care in extreme heat
Tim McLane - photo by Photo provided.

AUGUSTA — With temperatures topping 100 degrees these days, it’s almost unbearable to step outside just for a moment. But it could be worse. Imagine the extreme conditions student athletes endure during summer practices. Coaches and trainers must play it safe when it comes to sports and the dog days of summer.

Heat-related illnesses are preventable sports injuries that occur when the body becomes overwhelmed and temporarily loses its ability to cool itself. During exercise, skin is cooled through sweat evaporation. However, during hot, humid weather conditions, sweat evaporation is hindered, making athletes more susceptible to heat sickness.

Types of heat illnesses include heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be deadly. The symptoms of heat illnesses range from mild to life-threatening. Heat cramps usually are characterized by painful muscle spasms in the legs, arms and torso.

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