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Athletics are pee-wee league champs
The pee-wee league champions were the Athletics. - photo by LCRD photo
The Cardinals and Athletics faced off on June 4 for the Liberty County Recreation Department’s pee-wee league baseball championship.
While the Cardinals took their last playoff game with a 10-0 win against the Athletics, the championship game pitted the same squads and the Athletics ended up hoisting the first place trophy, winning 9-7.

Playoffs recap May 27

•Braves 7, Phillies 8
Leading hitters, Braves Trent Lyda; Phillies Nicholas Corwin and Tyrone Johnson.
• Rockies 9, Athletics 19
Rockies Jake Brannon; Athletics Dylan Gamble and Allen Crystal
May 28
Expos 1, Mariners 9
Mariners Kamal Vines and Jaleel Gibert, Expos none listed
Dodgers 2, Cardinals 6
Dodgers Noah Himes; Cardinals O’Brien Nobles
May 29
Expos 7, Dodgers 9
Expos Skylar Bailey; Dodgers  Noah Himes and Darren Burdine
June 1
Athletics 10, Phillies 8
Athletics Allen Crystal and Blake Bell; Phillies Gage Sills.
Cardinals 15, Mariners 18
Mariners Kamal Vines (homer) and Jaden Robinson; Cardinals Keone Haynes and Mychael Mack.
June 2
Dodgers 1, Phillies 11
Phillies Miguel Maldonado and Marcus Scott; Dodgers none listed
Braves 5, Cardinals 7
Braves Collin Lairamore; Cardinals Keone Haynes and Hunter Ray.
June 3
Athletics 12, Mariners 5
Athletics Blake Bell and Daniel Dayutis; Mariners Jaleel Gibert and Trissean Ligon
Cardinals 7, Phillies 4
Phillies Nicholas Corwin; Cardinals Keone Haynes and Shane Wells
Cardinals 13, Mariners 9
Mariners Trissean Ligon; Cardinals Hunter Ray and O’Brien Nobles.
June 4
Cardinals 10, Athletics 0
Cardinals Keone Haynes
June 4 championship
Cardinals 7, Athletics 9
Athletics Dylan Gamble and Jamiah Robinson; Cardinals Shane Wells
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