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BI cross country runners perform well at meet
Cody Graham, Ryan Smith, Anthony Motley, Chris Payne and Zach Motes prepare to race. - photo by Photo provided.

Bradwell’s cross country team continues to succeed, placing fourth in a Tattnall County meet on Sept. 24 and sixth in a Richmond Hill meet last Wednesday.

In Tattnall, it was the boys earning a fourth place finish with only two Lady Tigers competing. Kaylie Durham finished third overall and Sherina Hornsby placed fourth overall with times of 22:26 and 22:32, respectively.

Tiger coach Ken Griffin said, "Coach Williams and I salute the efforts that Kaylie and Sherina are giving with their practices and runs during the meets. Their hard work will really show when we go to the region meet Oct. 31."

At the Richmond Hill meet, Griffin said they added two more runners from the Lady Tiger softball team. One of them, Danielle Durham, was praised by Griffin after she placed well.

"Danielle will add strength to our girls team," Griffin said.

The coach said injuries prevented one or two of their lead runners from competing at both meets.

"However, the guys keep practicing and preparing," he said. "And we’ll be participating in the Ebeneezer Shoot-out in Effingham County on Oct. 10.


Tattnall County results

Wesley Worthy: 10th overall, 21:13

Jony Colindras: 12th overall, 21:28

Chris Payne: 16th overall, 21:32

Chris Maddox: 29th overall, 23:38

Ethan Ewing: 32nd overall, 24:00

Jeremy Motley: 37th overall, 24:29

Ryan Smith: 38th overall, 24:30

Gabriel Houseworth: 45th overall, 25:52

Thomas Killough: 47th overall, 26:21

Saulo Encarnacion: unknown place


Team scores


Tattnall 44

Vidalia 56

Claxton 66

Bradwell 99

Appling 175

Montgomery County 227

Long County 254


Richmond Hill
meet results


Zach Motes 19:14

Wesley Worthy 19:33

Jony Colindras 20:26

Chris Payne 20:26

Chris Maddox 21:51

Jeremy Motley 22:15

Ryan Smith 22:32

Gabriel Houseworth 23:17

Thomas Killough 24:20

Morgan Crean 24:45

Saulo Encarnacion 26:13


Team scores

Effingham 60

Camden 62

Statesboro 76

Richmond Hill 129

Jenkins 141

Bradwell Institute 185

Windsor Forest 195

Calvary 274

Bryan 298

Liberty 348

Johnson 438



Kaylie Durham 25:16

Danielle Durham 26:50

Sherina Hornsby 26:48

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