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Blue Jays McGowan report not good
Dustin McGowan - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle

The Toronto Blue Jays released more bad news July 5 concerning pitcher Dustin McGowan, a Long County High School alum and former Blue Tide hurler.

In information posted by Brian Eller on, Jays Assistant General Manager Alex Anthopoulos said it’s likely McGowan will not be back in 2009. However, he did say the right-handed athlete is feeling better.

McGowan was placed on the disable list in March 2008 after surgery to repair a slight rotator cuff tear in his right shoulder.

McGowan initially played with injury, which happened in 2007. He had some success through 2008, but after the injury got progressively worse, the Long County native was forced to undergo surgery.

Initially, Blue Jays officials hoped McGowan would be back in the Toronto rotation by June, but his shoulder didn’t heal as quickly as McGowan or the organization had hoped.

Two weeks ago, McGowan’s wife Jilly spoke with the Coastal Courier about recent reports regarding her husband’s condition. She said McGowan is not healing as quickly as he had hoped, but that probably is because of his type one diabetes, which can cause some injuries and wounds to heal more slowly.

However, Jilly McGowans did say her husband is doing well and expects to start throwing again soon, despite the lack of a time frame for his return.

McGowan was drafted by Toronto in 2000 and was in the rotation in 2007 and 2008 until his shoulder injury put him to the disable list.

McGowan has a 20-22 record with the Jays, compiling a 4.71 ERA with 285 strikeouts and 141 walks in 75 games. He has 56 starts in the majors, completing three games during which he had 185 earned runs in 354 pitches thrown.

McGowan’s best year was 2007 when he finished the year with a 12-10 record, striking out 144 batters.

The Courier tried to contact McGowan for a comment, but he couldn’t be reached.

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