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Canes shellac Charlston
Locals beat Hawks 74-0
Hurricanes running back Quincy Thomas slips by two Hawk defenders for an easy touchdown in the ‘Canes 74-0, regular season home opener Saturday night at Long Bell Stadium. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon

Seventy-four mph winds would be classified as a tropical storm, but on Saturday night a definite Hurricane blew through Long Bell Stadium.

The ‘Canes semi-pro football squad beat the Charleston Hawks 74-0 in their regular season home opener.

In their first two offensive drives, the ‘Canes handed the ball to Tracy Lewis who ran from 35 yards or better to reach the end zone. The ‘Canes converted one of their two 2-point tries to go up 14-0.

The Hawks’ offensive took over, but on the snap the QB fumbled and ‘Canes linebacker James Sharp III, grabbed the ball and ran with Hawk defenders hanging from his jersey. Before hitting the ground Sharp pitched it to Timothy Sapp for a few extra yards in the carry.

Lewis scored on a 15-yard carry making it 20-0 after missing the 2-point conversion.

Trying to recoup, the Hawks offense took the field. The ‘Canes defense brought on the blitz and the Hawks’ QB forced a pass which Sapp intercepted.

Quincy Thomas carried the ball to the 10-yard line before slipping on the wet field. A few plays later Thomas broke the plane for another Hurricane touchdown. The ‘Canes found the end zone for the 2-point conversion.

Thanks to a holding penalty, the Hawks made their first first-down in the second quarter. But they were plagued with penalties all night.

Joseph Matavao hit the field and the running back broke the crowd on two carries for another touchdown.

The ‘Canes defense fed off the energy and the offense provided tackling with conviction, sending Hawks backwards for losses of yards.

On another bad snap the Hawks lost the ball. Players slid and pounced on the wet and bouncing pigskin. When the mud slide ended the ‘Canes had the ball in the end zone for another score, closing the half at 44-0 after Donta Pray converted for an extra two points.

The third quarter started with the Hawks fumbling the ball and the ‘Canes recovering it all the way down to the 10-yard line. Thomas scored for the ‘Canes on the next play.

The Canes kept scoring and closed the game with Kentarius Carlisle, aka Quiet Storm but also affectionately known as Twinkle Toes, after the way he tipped toed by four different Hawk defenders. His score closed the game with the ‘Canes on top 74-0.

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