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Cheerleaders bond at camp

Story by Demarcus Green

Photos by Dwight Broaddus

The Bradwell Institute football and basketball cheer team participated together at cheer camp held June 21-25 at BI. The team used the camp to practice several of their routines.


The camp was led by football cheer coach Dr. Rebecca Galeano, coach Krystal Alexis, coach Denise Dudley, and choreographer coach Shazi Edmonds.


Edmonds is the head coach, founder, and owner of Crowned Elite Athletics in Savannah Georgia. The cheer team worked tirelessly with Edmonds to make sure they were giving 150 percent their all.


“The kids who want this so bad, you can just see their demeanor and attitude and everything,” Edmonds said. “I love working with kids like that. So, when I see kids like that. All I want to do is help them and look their best out there on that field and when they do their pep rallies.”



Edmonds said she enjoys helping so many people who value and see passion in what they love to do. “I mean the whole word cheer leader…it means to be spunky, spirited, and loving your school while leading as well,” she said.


Cheerleaders Za'Riyah Hamilton, Markayla Brown, and Ni’Jayla Green explained the first things they do when they get to practice.


“We normally stretch and talk about the day before,” they said. “We talk about any good news we had and do ice breakers and team bonding.”


The team grows as they get better and better at their craft. More cheerleaders who are seniors graduating soon express their most memorable moments while being on the team.


Seniors Krystal Delgado, Destini Jackson, Victoria Johnson, Hannah Maldonado-Matos, A’Niya McPhail, Nettie Oswalt, Brionna Shaw, and Kaylah Morgan equally said, “Game nights, cheer battles, going on the field, and it’s all about the energy and spirit. You have to be there to see it.”


The coaching staff explained why the camp provides a sense of purpose to the team while also providing the best part of being a cheerleader – the fun.


Coach Alexis said, “The purpose of the camp is to really get the girls to work on their technical skills. A little bit of team bonding as well and then work on stunting. Then some more routines and work on spirit.”


“I think the most fun, yet necessary for these camps is they get to bond, interact with each other, and have fun with each other at the same time,” coach Dudley added. “While they’re learning the skills for the upcoming season.”


Dr. Galeano agreed adding she was genuinely is happy with Edmonds helping choreograph the team.


This cheer team came committed to hard work and to push themselves harder than they have before.

As football and basketball season approach the team plans to be spirited and give their fans their all.


For more information on Crown Elite Athletics visit their website at:


BI Cheer camp

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