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Diamonds win LCRD junior softball title
The Yellow Jackets came in second place - photo by Photo provided.

The Diamonds team took a one-run lead to win the LCRD junior softball league championship on June 10. The Yellow Jackets took the second-place trophy.


May 27

• Diamonds 9, Angels 2

Barbara Rego, Brittany Jackson, Shaquira Smith, Taylor Reese and Kaitlin Roudebush led the Diamonds in hits. Smith pitched two innings and Rego took the win on the mound, pitching three innings. Taylor Henderson, Tiara Howard, Zeanna Buchanan and Megan Flanery had hits for the Angels and Kelissa Hargrove pitched six innings.


• Belles 1, Yellow Jackets 7

Tatyana Andrew and Taylor Anderson led in hits and Morgan Crowley pitched for the Belles. Courtney Felton, Gabby Anthony and Ashley Riles had hits for the Yellow Jackets. Karson Rogers pitched for the Jackets.


June 1

• Angels 3, Belles 14

Tiara Howard, Chasity Spruill, Kayla Rocker and Zeanna Buchanan led in hits and Erica Crews pitched for the Angels. Morgan Crowley and Catherine Love pitched for the Belles and Crowley, Cynthia Kornegay, Janet Carrette, Catherine Love and Taylor Anderson all had hits.


• Yellow Jackets 0, Diamonds 4

Karson Rogers pitched for the Yellow Jackets and Marissa Polston, Rebekka Hawkins, Victoria Berry and Rogers had hits. Barbara Rego was the lead hitter and pitcher for the Diaomnds.


June 3

• Belles 5, Yellow Jackets 9

Catherine Love, Morgan Schmitt, Tatyana Andrews and Amber Smith led in hits for the Belles. Catherine Love pitched two innings and Morgan Crowley pitched three innings. Karson Rogers pitched the game for the Yellow Jackets. She also led in hits along with Courtney Felton, Gabby Anthony and Ashley Riles.


• Angel 6, Diamonds 11

Chasity Spruill, Zeanna Buchanan and Kelissa Hargrove led in hits for the Angels. Erica Crews pitched all three innings. The Diamonds’ hitters were Barbara Rego, Mikayla Lovett, Taylor Reese and Shaquira Smith. Rego pitched the win.


June 8

• Angels 3, Belles 5

Megan Flanery, Chasity Spruill, Kelissa Hargrove and Kayla Rocker got hits for the Angles and Hargrove pitched the game. Morgan Crowley, Taylor Anderson, Morgan Smelcer and Amber Taylor led the Belles in hits while Crowley and Catherine Love pitched.


• Yellow Jackets 1, Diamonds 2

Karson Rogers and Courtney Felton led in hits and Rogers pitched the game for the Yellow Jackets. Taylor Reese and Samantha O’Neal led in hits for the Diamonds and Barbara Rego pitched the victory.


June 9

• Belles 1, Yellow Jackets 7

Cynthia Kornegey, Tatyana Andrew, Amber Smith and Catherine Love led in hits for the Belles. Love pitched the game. Samantha Cummings, Ashley Riles, Victoria Berry and Amber Ray led in hits for the Yellow Jackets. Karson Rogers pitched the game.


June 10 championship game

• Yellow Jackets 4, Diamonds 5

Taylor Reese, Sarah Cox and Samantha O’Neal had hits to help the Diamonds to a championship victory. Barbara Rego pitched for. For the Jackets, Karson Rogers pitched and Ashley Riles, Victoria Berry, Rogers and Rebekka Hawkins led in hits.

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