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FPCA names top athletes in all sports
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Highlander athletes recognized on awards night
— Staff report
First Presbyterian Christian Academy recognized their student athletes Monday. The ceremony was held at First Presbyterian Church.

Highlander — Mackenzie McCartney
MVP Varsity — Charlotte Osmers
MVP JV — Jackson Magan

Girls tennis
Highlander — Ali Dye
Most Improved — Kara Robinson
MVP — Kathi Wulff

Boys tennis
Highlander — Clayton Gilroy
Most Improved — Greg Cannata
MVP — Parris Willis
All Region: Parris Willis

JV volleyball
Most Improved — MelanieDelarosa
Highlander — Mackenzie Bazemore
MVP — Sasha Hatfield

Varsity volleyball
Highlander — Carah Cochrane
Best Offensive — Mary Whitney
MVP — Cecilia Graham
All Region: Cecilia Graham

Girls cross country
Most Improved — Mackenzie McCartney
MVP Charlotte Osmers
All Region: Charlotte Osmers
All State: Charlotte Osmers

Boys cross country
Highlander — Joe Cannata
Most Improved — Greg Cannata
MVP — JD Allen
All Region: JD Allen, Joe Canatta
Region 2-AA Coach of the Year: Shane Smith

JV boys cross country
Highlander — mark Alan mcgarry
Most improved — Jacob McCartney
MVP — Keighan Jennings

Boys varsity basketball
Highlander — John Killough
Best Offensive — Isaiah Scott
Most Improved — Khalyn Weekley
MVP — George Mitchell
All Region: George Mitchell, John Killough, Khalyn Weekley, Simon Steele, Isaiah Scott
Region 2AA Coach of the Year: Shane Smith
All State: George Mitchell, Khalyn Weekley
AA Boys State Coach of the Year: Shane Smith

JV boys basketball
Highlander — Alex Shen
Most Improved — Marcus Williams
MVP — Sensier Carnes

Girls varsity basketball
Highlander — Mary Whitney
Defensive — Auset Gibbs
Most improved — Helena Scott
Dedicated/Spirited — Charlotte Osmers
All Region: Mary Kathryn Whitney

JV track
Highlander — Jackson Magan
Most Valuable Athlete — Melonia Delarosa
Most Improved — Alysia Jones

Varsity track
Highlander — Melonia Delarosa
Most Improved — Joe Cannata
Most Valuable Athlete — Tray Harris
All Region: Trayvon Harris, Joseph Canatta, Charlotte Osmers
All State: Trayvon Harris, Joseph Canatta

Varsity baseball
Highlander — Kyle Hill
Most improved — Cameron Nunn
Cy Young — Steven Young
MVP — James Arnold
All Region: Kyle Hill, James Arnold, Luis Laboy, Steven Young, K’ane Nunn

Varsity football
Highlander — Jamison Golson
Offensive MVP — Jimmy Ouyang
Defensive MVP — Josh Armour
Most improved — Jordan Gilliard
All Region: Josh Amour, Jimmy Ouyang, Jamison Golson, Dylan Bradham, Nasmeek Murphy

Highlander — Adan Shaw
Most Improved — Caden Cox
MVP — James Osteen

Girls soccer
Highlander — Cecilia Graham
Best Offense — Mary Kathryn Whitney
Best Defense — Mackenzie Buckley
Best All Around — Auset Gibbs
All Region: Cecilia Graham, Mary Kathryn Whitney, Auset Gibbs, Mackenzie Buckley, Madison Buckley, Mercedes Buckley
All State: Cecilia Graham

Boys soccer
Highlander — Jimmy Ouyang
Best Offense — Ausar Gibbs
Best Defense — Jamison Golson
Best all Around — Joshua Armour
All Region: Ausar Gibbs

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