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Hammerheads have late season success
Ransom Wilkes-Davis (14) on the right and Kevin Morris (14) on the left are entering the pool in the 50 yd freestyle which ended up being the closest race of the competition. - photo by Photo by Susan Baker
The Liberty County Hammerheads are having success late in the season because of the urgency of wanting to make the 2008 state team.
The latest meet took the Hammerheads to Hazlehurst in Jeff Davis County, where the district meet will be on July 14.
"This meet is allowing the swimmers to get a feel of the pool they will be swimming in for the district meet," Hammerhead swim coach Susan Baker said. "The swimmers showed they are almost ready for that meet. I see only minor improvements that need to be made in certain parts of their swims."
The coach said the swimmers are improving their strength and knowledge of their strokes, thanks in part to enduring endless hours of practice.
The Hammerheads head to Baxley for their next meet Monday in what the coach is calling their final tune up before the district.
Relay teams will be finalized and the individual events will be decided.
"I am extremely excited about this year of swimming and by each swimmer because as the year progressed, they exhibited just how badly they want to go to atates and represent Liberty County in addition to District 2," Baker said. "I see how hard they are working to drop times and stay consistent with their swims in order to do their best in each meet and to get the goal they is the best feeling every time."
The results from Hazlehurst:
Elizabeth Anglehart - 15th 50-yd freestyle, 7th 50-yd freestyle, 9th 25-yd backstroke
Kaitlyn Anglehart - 8th 25-yd freestyle, 2nd 25-yd backstroke,
Jimmy Arnold - 3rd 100-yd IM, 3rd 50-yd backstroke, 7th 50-yd freestyle
Patrick Baker - 7th 50-yd freestyle, 19th 25-yd freestyle, 7th 25-yd butterfly
Samuel Baker - 2nd 50-yd freestyle, 4th 25-yd freestyle, 3rd 25-yd backstroke
Taylor Baker - 5th 100-yd freestyle, 7th 50-yd freestyle, 4th 100-yd IM
Thomas Baker - 7th 100-yd freestyle, 8th 50-yd backstroke, 7th 50-yd freestyle
Celine Beasley - 4th 50-yd freestyle, 3rd 25-yd breastroke, 3rd 25-yd backstroke
McKaylin Darsey - 1st 50-yd freestyle, 1st 25-yd freestyle,  1st 100-yd IM
Ransom Wilkes-Davis - 2nd 100-yd IM, 1st 50-yd butterfly, 5th 50-yd freestyle
Jennifer Gaughran - 5th 50-yd freestyle, 7th 50-yd breastroke, 3rd 100-yd IM
Nicholas Hahn - 5th 50-yd freestyle, 4th 25-yd breastroke, 4th 100-yd IM
Stephanie Hahn - 4th 100-yd freestyle, 3rd 50-yd breastroke, 4th 100-yd IM
JD Kreutz - 5th 100-yd IM, 4th 50-yd butterfly
Bethany Langston - 6th 100-yd freestyle, 4th 50-yd backstroke, 50-yd butterfly
Frankie Meadows - 9th 100-yd freestyle, 6th 50-yd freestyle, 10th 50-yd backstroke
Tori Miller - 9th 50-yd freestyle, 14th 25-yd freestyle, 7th 25-yd backstroke
Joshua Morris - 5th 25-yd freestyle, 5th 25-yd backstroke
Julianna Morris - 13th 25-yd freestyle, 5th 25-yd breastroke, 14th 25-yd backstroke
Kevin Morris - 4th 50-yd breastroke, 1st 50-yd backstroke, 4th 50-yd freestyle
Kirsten Morris - 4th 50-yd freestyle, 2nd 50-yd breastroke, 2nd 50-yd backstroke
Joseph Owens - 6th 100-yd freestyle, 3rd 50-yd freestyle, 5th 50-yd backstroke
Alyssa Pitts - 11th 50-yd freestyle, 12th 25-yd freestyle, 6th 25-yd backstroke
Ashley Pitts - 12th 50-yd freestyle, 8th 50-yd backstroke
Olivia Reosti - 5th 50-yd breastroke, 4th 50-yd backstroke, 3rd 50-yd butterfly
Sophia Reosti - 12th 50-yd freestyle, 4th 50-yd backstroke
Sandra Scott - 2nd 25-yd breastroke, 1st 100-yd IM, 1st 25-yd butterfly
RJ Stanford - 3rd 50-yd backstroke
Margaret Turner - 1st 50-yd breastroke, 1st 100-yd IM, 1st 50-yd butterfly
Dakota Woods - 1st 100-yd freestyle, 2nd 50-yd breastroke
Gatlin Woods - 1st 50-yd breastroke, 2nd 100-yd IM, 4th 50-yd butterfly
Girls 9-10 Relay Team (Sandra Scott, McKaylin Darsey, Celine Beasley and Kaitlyn Anglehart) 1st 100-yd medley, 1st 100-yd freestyle
Girls 13-14 Relay Team (Margaret Turner, Bethany Langston, Stephanie Hahn and Ashley Pitts) 4th 200-yd medley, 4th 200-yd freestyle
Boys 13-14 Relay Team (Ransom Wilkes-Davis, Kevin Morris, Dakota Woods, Taylor Baker and Jimmy Arnold) 1st 200-yd medley, 1st 200-yd freestyle
Boys 15-18 Relay Team (Joseph Owens, JD Kreutz, Thomas Baker and Frankie Meadows) 3rd 200-yd medley, 3rd 200-yd freestyle

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