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Highlanders eliminated in first round of playoffs
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Highlanders eliminated in first round of playoffs

FPCA played the Windsor Knights in the first round of the GISA playoffs Friday in Macon and lost 49-12.
As had been the case all season for the Highlanders, injuries and a short roster had a severe effect on the game.

With only 15 players healthy enough to play, the Highlanders went into the game aware that this was going to be a struggle. Despite the odds stacked against them, the Highlanders were able to score twice. Senior George Mitchell scored on a 10-yard run. Junior, Daviyhn Adams scored on a short pass from Mitchell.

Most of the game saw the Highlanders defending their goal. With almost all of the available team playing both sides of the ball, the Highlanders were exhausted by the efforts. And some players were in positions brand new to them. Sophomore kicker Palmer Whitney played both offense and defense all night. Junior Clayton Gilroy played defense most of the night, due to injuries to defensive starters.

Despite the lopsided score, sophomore Sensier Carnes had a great game, trying to gain yards for the Highlanders, with multiple carries.
Assistant athletic director David Linderman said he was proud of the team and their efforts.
“ We are decimated by injuries,” Linderman said. “The kids that could play, played hard, played multiple positions, and went out there and had fun.

“Sensier Carnes was impressive this game. He muscled through them and gained yards. His attitude and determination makes him an impressive leader and we will build on that next season.”
Linderman said despite obstacles, the team racked up the most wins in a single year this season.

“This is quite an accomplishment for them, despite the injuries,” he said. “The seniors have been our solid foundation for the last couple of years and our program is going to miss them. Now we look to build for the future.”

FPCA football ends the season with a record of 4-6, the most successful record since the program’s inception in 2012.

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