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Hurricanes tough it out Ironman style
Offensive coordinator Michael Jones talks to players during their last home game against the Cobras. Last Saturday, a roster of 17 traveled to play the Scorpions in South Carolina and were stung 0-13. - photo by By Patty Leon / Coastal Courier
Head coach Jamie Sharp of the Hinesville Hurricanes semi-pro football team is not one to back down from a battle. Win or lose he prefers to do it on the gridiron.
"I'm not one to forfeit a game and I've been coaching for eight years," he said. "We've played with as few as 13 players."
Last Saturday the Hurricanes took a roster of 17 to South Carolina only to be stung by the Carolina Scorpions 0-13. But the coach said his players had nothing to be ashamed about despite the loss.
"We didn't have our linemen," he said. "We didn't have any of our starting quarterbacks. Our running backs were out, but we still showed up and played the game. We went out there and played some football."
The coach said most of his players were not able to get off work in time to get to South Carolina for Saturday's game. He took his 17 players and he said he learned something about his team and the player's fortitude.
"We had guys playing in positions they never played before," he said. " And they did well in holding the other team to only 13 points. I know that some of these guys are capable of playing Ironman and can be switched into positions if I need them to and I think that is going to help us get through the rest of the season."
The coach felt pretty confident that if his entire roster were able to get to South Carolina the outcome would have been different.
"They had 30-40 players," he said. "If we had the whole team, we would have run up the score on them."
The next challenge for the Hurricanes will be at home Saturday night when the Savannah Panthers come to Long Bell stadium at Liberty Independent Troop Park.
"This is another passing team," the coach said. "I think Saturday's game worked to our advantage because I know where I can switch or place some players at now and show them (the Panthers) a different look."
Kick off is scheduled for 7 p.m.

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