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Lady Panthers saddle the South Effingham Mustangs (62-34)
Lady Panther head coach Carolyn Kelly. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
It was a first glimpse of what the Lady Panthers may look like next season. Clearly missing from the starting lineup was the only Lady Panther who stands around 6'4" LaQuananisha Adams.
Although Metra Walthour was still there to lead them, the Lady Panthers' future in Miata Askew, Kourtney Alexander, Candice Barham and Precious Williams paved the way for a victory Tuesday night against the Lady Mustangs of South Effingham.
Walthour, coming away with 20-points in the game, is not anything new, but Lady Panther coach Carolyn Kelly said she was pleased her younger players are stepping up and understanding the importance in taking leadership roles for the team this year and next.
Barham put in 18-points against the Lady Mustangs.
"We've been telling them all along if we could get players like Barham to step it up offensively and defensively that would strengthen our team up quite a bit," the coach said. "It was a good challenge and they know that without Nisha we would be challenged and Barham decided to go ahead and step up for us."
Barham is a junior who currently stands 5'10", not quite Adams height but with a year left to play she is the next closest thing the Panthers have. And she has the talent to do the job, if she chooses to do so.
Kelly said she hopes Barham and the rest of the team continues to play their best as they prepare to match Burke County at home Friday night.
Adams is out with a knee injury she sustained in a fierce battle at Hephzibah but the outlook is brighter than earlier in the week.
"Word right now is that it does not require surgery," Kelly said. "But until we get the all clear from the doctors she will not play and we just don't know when that might be."
Walthour said she knows pressure is still on her as a leader, but she agrees the rest of the players need to concentrate hard, play hard and work on defense.
"The thing Hephzibah did was expose the weakness in our defense," she said. "If you ask me, I think we needed that loss because now we know where we stand and can practice on it. I know that teams will be focusing on me and trying to box me out, but I will continue to step up my game, and we should be all right until Nisha comes back."

Scoring points
Metra Walthour, 20
Candice Barham, 18
Miata Askew, 8
Shanetious Clay, 6
Kourtney Alexander, 4
Marcella Gordon, 4
Charlie Coursey, 2

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