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Lady Tigers advance with victory, men sent home
Jammie McLemore (4), Stevonna Scott (30) and Correnda Duvernay (20) all played critical roles in Lady Tigers’ victory over Windsor Forest in the first round of regional playoffs Wednesday night. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
The Bradwell Lady Tigers advance to the next round after defeating the Lady Knights of Windsor Forest, 56-35, during the first round of regional playoffs at Joe Greene Stadium at Beach High Wednesday night.
The BI men fell short of their goal against the Beach High Bulldogs, sending them home and ending their season with a 59-63 loss.
The men end their season at 17-9 overall and 9-6 for their 3-AAAAA region, while the women continue their season at 20-6 and 12-3.

Lady Tigers 56, Lady Knights 35
The Lady Tigers hit the court hard and quickly took a 16-3 lead by the end of the first quarter against a Lady Knight’s team that appeared stunned by the Tigers quick and fierce attack.
The Lady Knights started a rally and a 13-point scoring run in the second quarter, but the Lady Tigers extended their lead with a run of 14 ending the half at 30-16.
“I thought we played well,” coach Faye Baker said. “I was pleased with our performance tonight. I thought we came out and established our defense early. We were able to get a lead early and never looked back.”
Never looking back meant the Lady Tigers extended their lead by 22-points by the end of the third (44-22) and kept a 21-point lead to end the game.
Baker said they were able to keep turnovers in check and that was one of the factors that helped them win.
“We had 20 turnovers but five or six of those were late in the fourth quarter, when we subbed a lot and went to our reserve players,” she said. “Overall I thought we did a good job of taking care of the ball. I thought Jammie (McLemore) handled the ball very well. She’s handled the ball better now when we really needed her to, as well as Mariah (Maternik). We look at Jammie as our second point guard right now and she is doing an excellent job when Mariah is not in the game.”
In the next round the Lady Tigers are scheduled to take on the rival Lady Bulldogs of Beach High. The Lady Bulldogs would like nothing more than to eliminate the Tigers on their home turf during regional and Bakers is aware of this.
“We play Friday so we only have one practice to prepare for them,” she said. “We are real familiar with them as well as they are familiar with us. The first time we played this year we were able to get them and then they took care of business the next time we played. So hopefully it’s our turn again this time around.”
Tip-off is scheduled for 4 p.m.
Jammie McLemore 13
Correnda Duvernay 9
Stevonna Scott 8
Bryttnii Speight 6
Seandre Lee 6
Mei-Sean Lee 5
Mariah Maternik 4
Raven Anderson 2
Candace Curry 2
KeAndra Fraiser 1

Tigers 59, Bulldogs 63
Home court advantage and strong rebounds helped the Beach Bulldogs stay ahead of the Tigers throughout the game. Although the Tigers rallied at points and tied the game twice, foul trouble, lack of rebounds and missed free throws again plagued the Tigers.
“Same old, same old,” Tiger coach Pete Woodard said about the missed free throws and offensive rebounds.
“I feel that we allowed too many second shots,” he added. “Number 24 at one point got three consecutive rebounds off his own shot. They out rebounded us and made the free throws. It’s as simple as that.”
Woodard said basketball is a game of tempo and momentum.
“One minute one team has momentum the next minute it goes to the other team,” he said. “We relinquished that momentum in the beginning of the third quarter.”
While staying within reach early, the energy shifted to the Bulldogs in the third quarter and they began to edge out a four to five point advantage. Seeming more flustered, the Tigers were playing catch up, forcing passes and shots without the right effect.
The Tigers’ season was difficult with head coach David Jones being relieved of his coaching duties after Christmas amid controversy of whether he did the wrong thing by trying to teach the players some responsibility or whether the board of education did the wrong thing in not letting Jones finish his 12th season and then letting him resign.
In either scenario Woodard, who is the junior varsity coach, stepped in for the remainder of the season and still led the Tigers to a number three ranking in Region 3-AAAAA.
“With all the adversity and controversy they went through I think we had a good season,” he said. “I’m still very proud of them. They played hard and some of the guys got a chance to play more this year than they did in the past. Overall we did well. But this was a big game and this was the time to step up.
“Beach knew that and they played like that. They wanted more and they showed it.”
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