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LCRD names more basketball champs
spts Mini Pee Wee Champs
Coaches Ritchie and Kim Anderson stand with the LCRD Mini Pee Wee Basketball League champion Bombers; Tia Anderson, Michael Jones, Calieasa Love, Nyesha Melvin, Dajare Smith, Ishmael Smith, Mark Witson Jr. and Beau Young. - photo by LRCD photo
Liberty County Recreation Department Youth Basketball Leagues went into playoffs last week. Here are some results:

Senior Boys games
Feb. 7

T.Wolves 81-Heat 44
Jordan McRae was hot on the basket for the T-Wolves as he put up 35 points, followed by Shameel White with 16 and Kartrell Hargrove with 14. Eric Duren put up 29 points for the Heat with Luis Rivera scoring nine.

Midway 56-Bulls 33

Midway beat the Bulls with Robert Henry scoring 17 baskets and Jackie Walthour scoring 15. For the Bulls Paul Greene, Raphael Greene and mike Jenkins each scored eight points.

Feb. 8
Rocket 62-Nets 62

The Rockets and Nets ended the game with a tie to end regular season play both teams will meet in the seniors playoffs.

Senior boys playoffs
Feb. 10
Rockets 74- Nets 67

The rockets take the win in the first playoff game for the LCRD senior boys. For the Rockets Corel Kirkwood put up 24 points, Duvale Page hit 23 points and Deron Jordon scored 20 points. The Nets were led by Marcus Hooten with 21 points, Dominique Jernigan scored 14 points and Juwan Hill and Cameron James both scored 13.

Bulls 63-Heat 61
The Heat lose by two points against the Bulls in their first playoff meet. The Heat offense was led by Eric Duren who scored 22 points, followed by Albert Greene with 13 and Tyrone Wilson with 10. Caleb Jenkins scored 21points for the Bull followed by Paul Greene with 19 and Terell Gibson with 11.

Feb. 12
T-Wolves 71-Rockets 54

The T-Wolves take game one in the playoffs outscoring the Rockets 71-54. Jordan McRae scored 26 points for the T-Wolves, Todd Houseworth scored 17 and Shameel white scored 15. For the Rockets Duvale page scored 27 of their points followed by Corey Kirkwood with 18.

Bulls 51-Midway 43
Raphael Greene put 16 points on the board for the Bulls and Paul Greene scored 15 in their win over Midway. Midway’s Henry Roberts and Jarqual Roberts led the scoring with 12 and 11 respectively.

Senior boys championship
Feb. 12
Bulls 62-T-Wolves 60

With the fourth quarter ending in a tie, the senior boys team headed into overtime. The Bulls came out victorious with a two-point win at the buzzer. For the Bulls both Paul Greene and Raphael Greene scored 21 points followed by Caleb Jenkins with 13. The T-Wolves were led by Shameel White with 20 points, Jordan McRae with 17 and Kentrell Hargrove with 15.

Junior boys playoffs
Feb. 8
Grizzlies 44-Spurs 41

Marcus Ross scored 17 points for the Grizzlies followed by Clyde Layton with 16 to help the Grizzlies defeat the Spurs by three points. For the Spurs Daron Mitchell scored 20 points and Khiry Rawls scored seven.

Nuggets 41-Jazz 18
The Nuggets outscored the Jazz in their playoff meet. Tracy Jester led the Nuggets with 25 points in the game and Eric Wells scoring six. The Jazz were led by Derrick Hayes with eight points followed by Tony Wright with 5.

Feb. 10
Celtics 46-Knicks 30

Andre Byrd scored 18 points and Robbie Bacon put up ten in their win against the Knicks. For the Knicks Larry Murray scored 18 points.

Hawks 53-Grizzlies 27
The Hawks were led by the scoring of Devon Hodges who put up 19 points in the game. Clyde Layton scored eight for the Grizzlies.

Suns 64-Nuggets 14
The Suns dominated the Nuggets in their playoff game with an impressive 64-14 win. Jaquez Motley scored 26 points for the Suns followed by DeAndre Johnson with 14 and Tykeem Brown with ten.

Pistons 54-76’ers 16
Cameron Brown led the offense for the Pistons scoring 22 points, followed by Kewan Davis with 12 and Bruce Mayo with 12. Darius Holmes scored 11 points for the 76’ers.

Feb. 12
Hawks 55-Celtics 41

The Hawks moved one game closer to the championship with a win over the Celtics. Leading the Hawks was Devon Hodges with 25 points, Larry Knowling with 14 and Chris Wilson with 12. The top scorer for the Celtics was Andre Byrd with 20 followed by Robbie Bacon with 8.

Suns 41- pistons 37
The Suns clinched a shot at the championship beating the Pistons. Andre hart scored 15 points for the Suns and Jaquez Motley scored ten. For the Pistons Bruce Mayo scored 17 and Cameron Brown scored 16.

Junior boys championship game
Feb. 12
Suns 57-Hawks 54

The Suns take the trophy with a three point win over the Hawks in the junior boys competition. Leading the Suns to victory was Jaquez Motley with 27 points, Darius Crippen with 12 and Andre Johnson with ten points. Devon Hodges of the Hawks scored 23 points followed by Larry Knowling with 12.

Midget League
Playoffs round one Feb. 8
Clippers 32-Pacers 26

Although Herman Wells of the Pacers scored 15 points, it was not enough for the win as they drop the game to the Clippers. The Clippers were led by James Stump with 11 points and Richard Cuff with seven.

Lakers 42-Cavs 39
The Lakers offense was led by Elijah Jones putting up 13 points followed by Josia Alleyne and Antonio Smith with ten points each. The Cavs’s Malcolm Dingle scored 14 points and Sam Santiago scored seven.

Playoffs round two Feb. 10
Magic 34-Sonics 22

Alton Sapp scored 17 points for the Magic followed by Antonio McLinton with six. For the Sonics Luis Colon scored six points and Ricky Gilliard scored five.

Mavs 32-Bucks 29
Sean Lee scored 19 points for the Mavs and Jontayvious Dunbar scored ten in the Mavs win over the Bucks. Marcus Beverly scored ten point and Armando Sams scored five for the Bucks.

Midway 45-Clippers 21
Midway’s Devon Robinson scored 21 points and Michael Farrior scored 16 against the Clippers. James Stump led the Clippers offense with ten points.

Kings 41-Lakers 34
The King’s Tony sanders and Jaylen Gilyard led the scoring with 12 and nine points respectively.  For the Lakers Josia Alleyne scored 17 and Elijah Jones scored 11.

Midget semi-finals Feb. 12
Magic 53- Midway 51

The Magic win by two in their semi-final game against Midway. Leading the scores for the Magic was Derrick Brooks and Alton Sapp each with 19 points. For Midway Devon Robinson scored 23 and Michael Farrior scored 22.

Mavs 46-Kings 38
Sean Lee led the drive for the Mavs scoring 20 points followed by Jontayvious Dunbar with 14 and Hamzah Abdur-Rasheen with ten. For the Kings Tony Sanders scored 23 and Jaylen Gilyard scored seven.

Midget final Feb. 13
Magic 52- Mavs 35

Derrick Brooks scored 21 points and Alton Sapp scored 20 for the Magic to win the trophy in the Midget league championship. The Mavs, Jontayvious Dunbar scored 14 points and Sean Lee scored ten.
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