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Liberty County Rec Dept. soccer scores
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Sept. 25

Mite league

Magic 2, Wings 2
The Magic and Wings tied the game with Paul Kunsch and Erianna Duprey scoring a goal each for the Magic and Cobey Bellows and Mary Whitney scoring for the Wings.
Heat 1, Senators 6
Martha Hause scored the Heat's one goal while Jamaal Duvall, Cecilia Graham and Sidney Wilkinson scored two a piece for the Senators.

Midget league

Galaxy 5, Predators 1
Galaxy was led by Alex Lambert who scored three goals. Tony Smith and Thomas Carroll added the other two scores. Ryan Wells scored the Predator's goal.
Shockers 3, Diplomats 5
Cortney Welch kicked in two goals and Myesha Robinson added one for the Diplomats. Jacob Cassidy scored two for the Diplomats. The other three goals came from
Jonathan Blanco-Rios, Dominique
Hudson and Ashley Jackson.

Senior league

Cyclones 0, Lightning 5
Robbie Bacon dominated by scoring four goals for the Lightning. Joshua Wright added the other goal.

Sept. 29

Mite league

Senators 3, Crunch 4
Sidney Wilkinson scored two of the Senators' goals while Devin Jean added the other. Gunnar Coonrod and Cassandra Ruff scored two goals each for the Crunch.
Sparks 6, Wings 3
Connor Gowanny kicked in five goals for the Sparks. Randy Kuykendall added the other Sparks’ goal. Mary Whitney scored two for the Wings and Richard Jackson added the other.

Midget league
Predators 1, Phantoms 5
Corey Samples scored the Predators' goal. Joshua Kuhns score four of the Phantoms goal and Dequarius Rivers scored the other.
Arsenal 2, Diplomats 1
Alondra Lopez scored the two goals for the Arsenal while Jonathan Blanco Rios scored the one goal for the Diplomats.
Sept. 30
Mite league
Wings 3, Crunch 3
Mary Whitney scored two goals and Leilani Morris scored for the Wings. Cassandra Ruff and Gunnar Coonrod scored two goals.
Heat 5, Magic 0
Cameron Hensel scored four of the Heat's goals. Martha Hause made the other goal.
Midget league
Diplomats 5, Phantoms 5
Joshua Kuhns scored all five goals for the Phantom. Jonathan Blanco-Rios and Nathanel Johns score two goals each for the Diplomats and Ashley Jackson scored the other.
Galaxy 3, Shockers 2
Tony Smith scored the three Galaxy goals and Triana Allen scored the Shockers' goals.
Senior league
Mutiny 4, Bullets 1
Martin Causer scored three goals and Raaqim Rispress scored for the Mutiny. Adrien Vakeues scored for the Bullets.
Oct. 1
Senior league
Cyclones 3, Mutiny 3
Jordan Teft scored two goals and David O'Hagan scored the goals for the Cyclones. Wesley Causer scored two and Ethan Deemer scored for the Mutiny.
Oct. 2
Mite league
Senators 5, Magic 1
Paul Kunsch scored the goal for the Magic. Devin Jean scored a goal and Sidney Wilkinson and Cecilia Graham scored two each.
Sparks 5, Heat 3
Connor Gowanny kicked in three goals for the Sparks while Madinson Winn scored two. Cameron Hensel scored two and Martha Hause scored one for the Heat.
Midget league
Predators 1, Shockers 5
Nathan Youschak scored the Predators' goal. Courtney Welch, Trianan Allen and Xavier Clyde each scored a goal for the Shockers. Myesha Robinson scored two.
Arsenal 1, Galaxy 4
Tony Smith and Robert Kornegay scored two goals a piece for  the Galaxy. The Arsenal's goal came from Alondra Lopez.
Junior league
Fury 7, United 4
Jalen Gilyard scored four goals and Johnpatrick Schiesser scored three for the Fury. Ethan Ewing scored three and Ashlee Howe scored one for United.
Revolution 3, Wayne Co. team one 1
Will Davis scored two and Breanna Lindsey scored one for the Revolution.

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