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Liberty YMCA gymnastics compete in Macon
Level-one gymnasts
Liberty County YMCA Level-one gymnasts pose with gymnastics coach Sonya Marx at the Wheel of Champions. - photo by Photo provided.

The Liberty County YMCA gymnasts competed in the Wheel of Champions meet Oct. 28 in Macon, hosted by The Gym Nest.

Level-one gymnasts who competed were Kaiden Dotson, Sophia Hool, Aubriauna Jones, Athena Soto and Jazleen Vega.

Dotson placed third all-around with a score of 34.75. Hool and Vega tied for third with an all-around score of 33.625.

Many of the gymnasts placed individually in events.

Hool placed third on bars.

Jones placed first on bars and second on beam.

Dotson placed second on beam and third on floor.

Vega placed third on floor.

Xcel Silver gymnasts who competed were Victoria Johnson, Erica Mock and Ayanna Scott.

Johnson placed second all-around with 36.3 and Scott came in third with 35.65

Mock earned third place on vault.

Johnson was first on vault, second on beam and third on floor.

Scott also earned first on vault, third on beam and second on floor.

Level-one scores:

Sophia Hool: Vault 8.3; Bars 8.325; Beam 8.15; Floor 8.85; All-around 33.625

Delaycia Fleming: Vault 8.15; Bars 7.8; Beam 8.6; Floor 8.9; All-around 33.45

Kaiden Dotson: Vault 8.3; Bars 8.8; Beam 8.6; Floor 9.05; All-around 34.75

Aubriauna Jones: Vault 8.1; Bars 9.2; Beam 9; Floor 8.8; All-around 35.1

Athena Soto: Vault 8.25; Bars 8.2; Beam 8; Floor 8.85; All-around 33.3

Jazleen Vega: Vault 8.35; Bars 8.3; Beam 7.85; Floor 9.125; All-around 33.625

Xcel Silver scores

Victoria Jonson: Vault 9.35; Bars 8.5; Beam 9.25; Floor 9.2; All-around 36.3

Erica Mock: Vault 8.6; Bars 9.05; Beam 8.625; Floor 8.8; All-around 35.075

Ayanna Scott: Vault 8.85; Bars 8.6; Beam 8.95; Floor 9.25; All-around 35.65

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