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First Coast takes first at LCRD event
1987-1990 TEAM
1987-90 Armed Forces TKD Team - photo by Photo provided.

First Coast Tae Kwon Do took home 17 gold, 12 silver and six bronze medals for the overall lead in the 2011 Liberty Tae Kwon Do Championship on Saturday.
Intensive Tae Kwon Do made the trip all the way from Puerto Rico and took home 14 gold medals, nine silver and a bronze for coach Johnny Martinez.
LCRD Sports Tae Kwon Do represented well, earning nine gold, 11 silver and three bronze medals.
The tournament was sponsored by Sport TKD Center Booster Club Inc. and hosted by Grand Master Rafael Medina.
Medina said the accommodations at the LCRD Shuman Center provided adequate space for the mats and safety zone, and he was pleased with the introduction of the electronic scoreboard that enabled spectators, players and officials to know who was ahead at any given time during a match and alleviated both confusion and disagreement.
“The competition itself was enriched by teams from Puerto Rico as well as every tae kwon do academy within the continental U.S.,” Medina said. “Also, it was the first time since 1986 that we reunited athletes, referees and coaches from the Armed Forces TKD Team.”
Medina said Grand Master Bruce Harris, Grand Master Bobby Clayton, Grand Master Pedro Laboy, Master Jodie Gibbson, Master Michael Bennett and Grand Master Brad Carter were able to attend the tournament.

Team results

• First Coast TKD: 17 gold, 12 silver, 6 bronze
• Intensive TKD: 14 gold,
9 silver, 1 bronze
• LCRD Sports TKD: 9 gold, 11 silver, 3 bronze
Individual results

• Patrick Cochran: silver in forms, bronze in sparring
• Kei Reid: gold in forms, silver in sparring
• Omiad Law: silver in forms, bronze in sparring
• Michael Richardson: gold in sparring
• Alexander Roman: silver in forms, silver in sparring
• Damian Lustiano: gold in forms, silver in sparring
• Emilee Hein: gold in forms, silver in sparring
• Tatian Kenny: gold in sparring
• Kiara Edwards: gold in forms, silver in sparring
• Miichelle Richardson: silver in sparring
• Gabriella Richardson: gold in sparring
• Anthony Butter: silver in forms, bronze in sparring
• Joseph McDonald: gold in forms, gold in sparring
• Mychael Conyers: gold in forms, silver in sparring
• Roland Ricardo: silver in forms

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