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Food for thought: what to do if your ball is swiped by a dog
Graham Lewis

Q:  On the seventh hole at Sapelo Hammock, Joe decides to try and hit his tee shot over the fairway bunkers and take a chance that it does not go in one of the bunkers or the hazard on the left. He hits his ball over the traps and toward the edge of the hazard.  Since the area where the ball lands is not visible from the tee, Joe and his partners are not sure where his ball came to rest. When the players near the area where the ball might be, they see a dog running across the fairway with a ball. Joe hollers and the dog drops the ball. It turns out to be Joe’s ball. What does he do?
A:  Joe and his playing partners are not able to determine where the ball is. They don’t know if it is in the fairway, rough or one of the hazards.  
The proper procedure would be to drop his ball in an area which was neither the most, nor the least, favorable of the various areas where it was possible the ball originally lay. In this case, it probably would be in the rough, since the fairway would be the most favorable and the hazards would the least favorable.
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