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Teammates roll perfect games
Tuesday night sees pair each bowl 300
Nelson Tellames bowled his first perfect game at Marne Lanes. - photo by Photo provided.

Tuesday night bowling league teammates Nelson Tellames and Michael Wagoner each bowled perfect games at Marne Lanes.
Tellames, a self-described military brat, said he has been bowling since he was a child and participated in the youth league at Marne Lanes. The 43-year-old described his first 300 game as “amazing.”
“It is my very first one, and it was amazing,” he said. “I’ve been close a few times, just missed, and then on Tuesday, it finally happened.”
Tellames got the perfect score in the first game of their series. Wagoner hit 300 in the final game of the night.
While Tellames was celebrating his first perfect score, Wagoner just added another notch earning his fourth 300 game in a little more than a year. Wagoner previously rolled perfect games last June, last August and in May. He said he realized Tellames was on the verge of hitting the perfect game and did what he could to support his teammate.
“The last three perfect games I bowled, he has been at. He was my doubles partner when I bowled last August and my teammate in May and last Tuesday, so he has been a party at three of mine, and I have been a party at one of his,” Wagoner said. “We were trying to make the night more about him … I was trying to keep him loose throughout the 10th frame. The nerves were starting to set in, so we had to keep him loose, so we were telling him jokes and everything. “
“I was really nervous, and I was definitely trying to keep myself calm,” Tellames said. “The other guys were trying to keep me calm and were joking and laughing and trying to keep me from being too nervous.
With one perfect game under his belt, Tellames said he is going to try and do it again.
“They are so hard to come by, and I will try and shoot another one pretty soon,” he said. “The ultimate goal is to bowl three perfect games in a row, and very few people, even the professionals, only a few them have ever done it.”
Wagoner, who will retire from the military sometime next year, contemplates taking the game to the next level.
“Right now, I’m playing recreational and probably wait until I get a little older in the next six years or so and try and go the senior tour route,” he said. “But that is providing my health and everything else stays well.”

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