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Lock-Poppers claim mite league softball title
The Coastal Courier squad took second place in the showdown on June 2. - photo by Photo provided.

The LCRD’s mite league championship came down to one run as the Lock-Poppers squad took first place aginst the Coastal Courier team, winning the June 2 title game 6-5.


Playoff recap

May 26

• Sanitary Plumbing 8, Dee’s Electric 6

Sidney Clifton, Antavia Guyton, Cassidy Collum and Ariel Cox led the Sanitary Plumbing team in hits while Erica Miller, Haley Greer and Autumn Linder made the hits for Dee’s.


• Coastal Courier 6, Legion 7

Shania Joyce, Shania Eldridge, Kayla Bivens and Tia Anderson led the hitting squad for the Legion. The Courier squad was led by Tamia Gale, Taryn Rhodes, Nicaria Andrews and Caitlyn Tippett.


May 28

Sanitary 1, Lock-poppers 11

Ariel Cox, Kaitlyn Noeller and Melissa Hawkins led the hits for Sanitary while Jennifer Pirkle, Rachel Smith and Mackenzie Stewart hit for Lock-poppers.


Coastal Courier 12, Dee’s 2

Martha Hause, Leana Carrette and Tamia Gale led the Coastal Courier squad. Erica Miller, Zaria Brunson and Tashyria Shepherd scored hits for Dee’s.


May 30

Legion 1, Lock-poppers 11

Madison Howe, Riley Davis, Taylor Burnside and Brianna Mears led Lock-poppers. Kayla Bivens, Cassandra Ruff and Shania Eldridge led the Legion.


Coastal Courier 12, Sanitary plumbing 1

Martha Hause, Leane Carrette, Taryn Rhodes and Tamia Gale had hits for the Courier. Sanitary was led by Tania Rodriguez and Cassidy Collum.


June 1

Coastal Courier 12, Legion 5

Leana Carette, Tamia Gale Taryn Rhodes and Kourtney Gamble led the Couirer in hits while Shania Joyce and Cassandra Ruff led the Legion squad.


Championship game June 2

Lock-poppers 6, Coastal Courier 5

Rachel Smith, Madison Howe and Riley Davis led the Lock-popper team in hits. Taryn Rhodes, Sidney Wilkinson, Tamia Gale and Martha Hause led the Courier team.

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