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Long Countys Jamin Davis signs with Kentucky Wildcats
Long County High School football standout Jamin Davis sits with his parents, Tanga and James, and Blue Tide Coach Eric McNair, as Davis signs his letter of intent to play for the University of Kentucky in 2017. Davis is reportedly only the second player from Long County ever to sign to play football at a Division 1 school. - photo by Mikee Riddle

On Monday, Long County High School football standout Jamin Davis signed scholarship papers to play for the University of Kentucky in 2017.
With the act Davis becomes only the second football player from LCHS to sign with a Division 1 program to play football.
Davis, who will be graduating early, does become the school’s first early enrollee to play at the collegiate level.
As a member of the Blue Tide football team Davis had 302 tackles and was named to the All-Region 2-AA team in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

LCHS head coach Eric McNair said that though Davis achieved much on the football field, his true character is seen in his life as a whole.
“What the stats can’t tell you is how Jamin is as a teammate and a person, despite all of his accolades he is a very humble person,” McNair said. “Another coach in the region once told me, I love to watch No. 25, he’s the real deal, no matter what the score is he is always over achieving and rallying the troops.”
McNair also said that Davis is quick to praise other players, but never talks about himself in an arrogant manner.
“You never hear Jamin talking about himself, in fact more often than not, you hear him praising another player, he never has a me attitude,” McNair said.
According to McNair, Davis also did well in the classroom, having high academic standards, which he said put him in the position to enroll early the Southeastern Conference School.

“If I had to sum up Jamin Davis in one word it would be role-model. Being a father of two, his character and integrity is what I would hope to inspire in my boys,” McNair said.
Davis’s mother and father, Tanga and James also had high praise for their son saying that they were very proud of him.
“There is no greater joy, than to see the fruit of your labor, when your child represents you well when they leave home,” Tanga said.
She said that Jamin had always been driven to do well in all sports, but that football was where he stood out.
She said she always told Jamin that if he worked hard nothing would be impossible for him.

James Davis said that he too was proud of his son, and that he had always stressed the “Three F’s” to him…faith, friends and focus. He said that he always stressed to his son to have a strong faith in God, because without that faith anything he achieved wouldn’t matter.
He also said that he told his son to always have friends with high standards and good character, because his lifestyle would be reflected by who his friends were.

And finally, James said he always told his son to stay focused on the field, but especially in the classroom, because success in the classroom would result in success for his entire life-time, whereas sports success was only temporary.
Jamin spoke at the ceremony as well, saying that he appreciated his parents, family, coaches, team-mates, and friends for all of their support.
He also said signing to play college football was the fulfillment of a dream.
“It’s a dream come true, it’s something I always wanted,” he said. “You see others do it, and you’re chasing that dream, but now that it’s here, it’s an unreal feeling.”

Davis also stressed the importance of his faith.
“I just want to tell everyone, remember to always put God first in your life”, said Davis.

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