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Long rec. leader sees potential
Michelle Crowley - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle

New Long County Recreation Department Director Michelle Crowley said she sees a lot of potential for the programs to grow, making the department one of the stronger athletic organizations in the area.

"There is so much potential here. With the growth and everything, we just need to get the kids back out here playing and get the community behind us," she said.

Crowley, who was hired last month by the Long County Commission, is from Dacula, but has been in the area for the last year and a half.

The Clemson University graduate has a bachelor’s of science in parks, recreation and tourism with an emphasis in sports management. She has a minor in athletic leadership/coaching. Crowley interned at Georgia Tech and Clemson, working in the football program for Tech and the baseball program with the Tigers.

"The program here has a solid foundation with the sports that have been being offered, but I also want to start a track and field program, and establish some adult leagues", said the new director.

According to Crowley, she would like to eventually see adult leagues in softball, basketball, and flag football and she really would like to begin hosting some adult softball tournaments to draw others into the area. She also said, "I also hope that we can host some of the district or region tournaments in the future; a lot of people have talked about that to me, and it would be good for the area and the kids."

Crowley is optimistic about the future of the Long County program, but she also is realistic about the near future.

"Time, people need to realize, its going to take some time to get a good solid program organized and working like it ought too", said Crowley.

She added, "I’m also going to need help from the community, there are going to be planned work days, where we will be working at the recreation park; on theses days, I’m going to urge people to come out and help; they will be glad that they did, because its their park."

When asked about the future plans of the complex, the new director said that she is still getting on board with what is exactly suppose to be coming, but according to information provided by the Board of Commissioners, eventually there will be two more baseball fields, a football field and a soccer/multi-purpose field.

If anyone needs to contact Crowley about helping as a volunteer, or to obtain more information on the recreation department she can be reached at (912) 545-9112 or at

Long County Football and Cheerleading registration will be from July 6th-August 15th. Recreation forms can be picked up at the Recreation Department, Long County Courthouse, or at Smiley Elementary School and Walker Middle School. There also will be a Registration Day on August 8th from 12:00 to 3:00 PM at the Recreation Department. The fee is $25 dollars.



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