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Looks like its about to get crowded at the top
Week Six College Pickem
Jeff Whitten may 2017
Jeff Whitten

The Coastal Courier’s weekly college football pick’em contest is easy, fun and free. Play at

Welcome to week six of the Coastal Courier’s weekly college football pick-em contest, where pickers are competing to win a $2,500 vacation card and some bragging rights.

Among the Coastal Courier’s VIP’s participating are general manager Kathryn Fox, sponsor Tyler Arnold, advertising operations manager Lori McCampbell and the absented-minded editor himself, Jeff Whitten.

McCampbell (LM) and Whitten (JW) provide the commentary again this week.

LM: Week 5 was a FAIL!  I missed 6 of the 15 games played last week, my worst week by far. This was one of those weeks where you try to predict outcomes based on previous weeks play and the teams you analyze on paper don’t execute or execute better than anyone could predict or expect. It doesn’t appear I was the only one, even some of the computer simulations got it wrong this week!

Whoever said numbers don’t lie was a liar!

I lost my first place ranking nationally so this week I have to be near perfect on predictions or that vacation gift card will slowly slip away.

It’s only week 6, who am I kidding? There is plenty of opportunity to get back in the race as we move into week six, nearing the halfway point of the contest. It still appears as though I will hold the lead comfortably for now as the Coastal Courier VIP picker. That being said, good luck everyone!

JW: I just want everyone to know I forgot to pick for one or maybe two weeks.

That’s why I’m so far behind. Anyhow, good luck and remember it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s whether you play the game.

Louisville vs. NC State
LM: Louisville wins. NC State lost their senior running back last week. He will undergo season-ending surgery for a knee injury sustained early in the game against Syracuse. Though they were off to a quick start this year, it doesn’t look like they will be able to stop the Cards agile junior QB Lamar Jackson from finding endless ways to make big plays, something NC state just hasn’t been able to do enough of, especially at critical moments this season.

JW: Louisville wins. Much as I don’t like coach Bobby Petrino, reigning Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson  is still the best player in college football. He can make you miss tackles in a phone booth, were anyone inclined to try that. Do they even have phone booths anymore? I dunno. But Jackson is so good he should be illegal.
California vs. Washington  
LM: Washington wins. Washington coming into week six remains undefeated as Cal continues their pursuit of a win on the road.

The offensive matchup looks to be fairly even on paper, but Washington’s No. 4 ranked defense will be a major concern as they head into week six, only allowing their opponent 10.8 points per game compared to the Bears, and their offense has put up 44 points per game compared to Cal’s  28.8 ppg.

JW: I’m going to go with Cal on this one, just because I think they’re better than they get credit for.
Washington State vs. Oregon
LM: Washington State wins. Oregon has injuries and if they can’t get their 50 ppg offense going early in the game, they may not survive week six against the Cougars. Washington State is coming into this week pretty amped as they defeated No. 5 ranked USC last week. Oregon cannot afford a slow start offensively and mistakes must be few and far between. As was USC’s downfall, it takes only one mistake at the right time to change the entire outcome of a close game.

JW: Can Mike Leach coach football or not? I’m telling you he can. Leach, who is kind of a vagabond genius with a knack for offense and being fun to quote, has won everywhere he’s been and now he’s got the Cougars from Pullman on the rise. I’ll go with Washington State.

Ole Miss vs. Auburn
LM: Auburn wins. Auburn very easily takes this week’s victory against Ole Miss. The only question I have is should I refer to them as the Tigers or War Eagles? I’m still confused.

JW: I think they have two mascots because they’re insecure. And who wouldn’t be when you’ve got to play in the same state with Alabama.

Penn State vs. Northwestern
LM: Penn State wins. Looks like Penn State will hold onto their top 5 ranking again this week. Northwestern will be up against a stingy Penn State defense, yielding the fewest points in the Big Ten.

JW: Agree. I don’t think Northwestern will have much of a shot in this one. The Nittany Lions are back.
LSU vs. Florida
LM: LSU wins. Florida has lost consistency in their offense the roller-coaster offense continues for the Gators with Franks.

Without Luke Del Rio, the Gators are going to struggle to find a way to get their offense going with the suspension of Antonio Callaway and the questionable return of their biggest play maker Tyrie Cleveland’s ankle injury. I would like to say with confidence Tigers win, but Florida continues to take down opponents with their unpredictable offensive execution. Again, I’m a fan of anyone who plays Florida and Ohio State. Go Tigers!

JW: I also do not like Ohio State. And I am an LSU fan, and an Ed Orgeron fan. I like Cajuns, and cajun cooking. Maybe we’ll get some fried gator on a stick this weekend. Go LSU.

Other games:
Miami (FL) vs. Florida State
LM: Miami wins.

JW: Miami

Notre Dame vs. North Carolina
LM: Notre Dame wins.

JW: Yep.

Arkansas vs. South Carolina
LM: Arkansas wins.

JW: C’mon Gamecocks.

Alabama vs. Texas A&M
LM: Alabama wins.

JW: Again.

Virginia Tech vs. Boston College
LM: Virginia Tech wins.

JW: I’ll take BC.

Michigan State vs. Michigan
LM: Michigan wins.

JW: Harbaugh!

Wisconsin vs. Nebraska
LM: Wisconsin wins.

JW: Cornhuskers pull off the shocker.

Stanford vs. Utah
LM: Utah wins.

JW: No way. Stanford.

West Virginia vs. TCU    
LM: TCU wins.

JW: By a horned toad.

Coastal Courier leaderboard

LM2017 (GA)         53
KBell (GA)         52
slab (GA)         52
kenbran102 (GA)    52
tisaeb14 (GA)         51
calebb (GA)         50
Kaypwells (GA)         49
Ericaanne (GA)         48
eaglechick (GA)         46
poke36 (GA)         45
shannalat (GA)         45
wdover (GA)         45
johnny171 (AR)         43
wolves (CO)         39
widow622 (GA)         36
jeffwhitt (GA)         32
lchs1996 (GA)         29
collene (WV)         27
floridasuc (FL)         20
Georgeann7 (GA)    16
POPS1278 (GA)     12

Courier VIP picks
Lori McCampbell 53
Kathryn Fox 36
Jeff Whitten 32
Tyler Arnold 29

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