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Mid-season has arrived for the Hammerheads
Sandra Scott, 9, swimming the breastroke leg of her individual melody, which she won with an impressive 5 second lead. - photo by Susan Baker/For the Coastal Courier
The Liberty County Recreational Department's swim team, the Hammerheads, have made it to the mid-season point. Three meets remain before the state qualifiers will swim for their recognition as State Team members. There are two regular meets left before the district tournament, which is the qualifier for this year's state meet in Tifton.
"The swimmers are feeling the pressure of what it will take to be one of the top three finishers at Districts," Hammerheads coach Susan Baker said. "Many swimmers are realizing at this point of the season that qualifying for State will take the greatest amount of determination. Many swimmers will be potential qualifiers if they continue to swim the way they are swimming at this point."
The mid-regular season meet took place in the City of Douglas located in Coffee County. Besides the heat, the swimmers had to endure the early hour wake-up call in order to make the two hour trip. The day started well with again the distance events first.
Harlee Stanford (4th), Elizabeth Anglehart (7th), Landa Owens (8th), and Tori Miller (10th), Samuel Baker (2nd), McKaylin Darsey (1st), Celine Beasley (3rd), Alyssa Pitts (8th), and Patrick Baker (6th) swan the 50 yard freestyle. The older swimmers swam the 100 yard freestyle such as Stephanie Hahn (3rd), Bethany Langston (7th), Dakota Woods (1st), Joseph Owens (6th), Thomas Baker (8th), and Frankie Meadows (9th).
Besides the distance freestyle, the swimmers can swim what is called short-sprint freestyle. Many swimmers chose to swim the short distance freestyle such as Harlee Stanford (7th), Landa Owens (12th), Elizabeth Anglehart (17th), Tori Miller (22nd), Samuel Baker (2nd), Kelso Horne (12th), Kaitlyn Anglehart (2nd), McKaylin Darsey (3rd), Alyssa Pitts (16th), Katie-June Horne (19th), Nicholas Hahn (10th), Patrick Baker (11th), Olivia Reosti (13th), Amanda McGrath (18th), Jennifer Gaughran (6th), Ashley Pitts (14th), Dakota Woods (3rd), JD Kreutz (5th), Joseph Owens (7th), and Frankie Meadows (15th).
The breastroke is a complicated stroke for everything must be done correctly or the swimmer could be disqualified, but many swimmers able to do the stroke without mistakes. Sandra Scott (1st), McKaylin Darsey (3rd), Kaitlyn Anglehart (5th), Celine Beasley (6th), Katie-June Horne (10th), Nicholas Hahn (3rd), Stephanie Hahn (2nd), Olivia Reosti (4th), Jennifer Gaughran (3rd), Dakota Woods (2nd), Taylor Baker (6th), and Thomas Baker (4th) are the swimmers who conquered the breastroke. Another stroke, which can be complicated to many swimmers, is the butterfly stroke and many swimmers placed well. The swimmers who performed well were Sandra Scott (1st), Nicholas Hahn (9th), Patrick Baker (11th), Stephanie Hahn (3rd), Margaret Turner (1st), Bethany Langston (6th), Taylor Baker (6th), and JD Kreutz (5th).
The backstroke is another popular stroke where many swimmers are entered into the event. The backstroke swimmers were Landa Owens (9th), Harlee Stanford (11th), Elizabeth Anglehart (14th), Samuel Baker (2nd), Kelso Horne (7th), Katie-June Horne (2nd), Celine Beasley (3rd), Kaitlyn Anglehart (9th), Alyssa Pitts (14th), Olivia Reosti (5th), Amanda McGrath (11th), Margaret Turner (3rd), Bethany Langston (8th), Ashley Pitts (8th), Joseph Owens (5th), Thomas Baker (7th), and Frankie Meadows (10th).
One event, which many swimmers avoid, is the individual medley where all four strokes are performed during one swim. The swimmer has to swim butterfly, back, breaststroke, and freestyle. This event takes a lot of endurance but some swimmers on the Hammerheads have discovered the secret to the event by giving the event a try. The swimmers, which swam this event, were Sandra Scott (1st), Margaret Turner (2nd), Jennifer Gaughran (4th), Taylor Baker (4th), and JD Kreutz (5th).
At this particular meet there were several relay teams from various age groups that placed well. The 7-8 girls who were Elizabeth Anglehart, Landa Owens, Harlee Stanford, and Tori Miller swam the freestyle relay and placed 4th. The 9 - 10 girls who were Sandra Scott, McKaylin Darsey, Kaitlyn Anglehart, Celine Bealsey, and Katie-June Horne swam the medley relay and the freestyle relay placed 1st in both events. The 13 -14 girls who were Margaret Turner, Jennifer Gaughran, Bethany Langston, and Ashley Pitts placed 3rd in the medley and freestyle relays. The last relay team was the 15 -18 boys who were Joseph Owens, JD Kreutz, Thomas Baker, and Frankie Meadows swam the medley and freestyle relay. The team placed 3rd in both events.
"As a whole the team is improving by dropping time and striving to do better as the competition gets stronger because of the urgency to get the best they before the District meet," Baker said. "As each week goes by I see the improvements practices have made besides the willingness to do their best. It has been a fantastic season thus far."

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