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Rec league winding down cager season
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Liberty County Recreation Department youth basketball league results:

Mini Peewee

Playoff Feb. 6
Tigers 12-Hurricanes 4

The winning Tigers had three players who put in all 12 points, tying each other for the lead scorer; Jamal Blakemore, Jeremiah Purnell and Tyler Thomas. The Hurricanes scores were put in by Andre Carr and Zyaire Irving with 2 each.

Mite boys

Feb. 7
Midway 31-Storm 25

A third quarter surge carried the game for Midway, which was led by Jeremiah Bacon with 15 points. Riley Jarrett led Storm with 11 points.
Thunder 33-General 7
Thunder dominated this game and its top scorer was Alexander Demmings, who put down 12. Darius White led General with 2.

Feb. 6
Bullets 22-Titans 13

The Bullets were led by Shavonnte Coats with 7 and Darryl Johnson and Jacari Roberts with 6 each. Darrin Carter made 10 of the Titans 13 points.
General 19-Raven 0
Darius White led the General with 7 points.

Feb. 5
Rattlers 19-Thunder 18

This battle to the wire was led by the Rattlers’ Dominique Story with 9, while teammate Tavon Ware put in 6. Eric Moore had 7 and Grayson Fincham had 5 to lead the Thunder.

Feb. 1
Storm 21-Generals 20
Stats were the same in this tight contest. Top scorers Riley Jarrett for the Storm and Darius White for the Generals both had 11 points, while Quinndon Montgomery for the Storm and James Jones for the Generals both had 4.

Junior boys

Feb. 5
Spurs 42-Grizzles 36

JacQuller Ledget led the Spurs with 11 points, followed closely by Daron Mitchell and JaBayron Collins, both with 10. Grizzles top scorers were Clyde Layton with 17 and Marcus Ross with 14.
Hawks 52-76’ers 32
Devon Hodges scored 23 of the Hawks points, followed by Chris Wilson with 9. On the other side, Darius Holmes put in 14.
Suns 58-Knicks 19
Jaquez Motley scored half of the Suns’ points, while Tykeem Brown put down 16 and Andres Hart scored 11. For the Knicks, Larry Murray scored 10.

Midget boys

Feb. 1
Mavs 39-Magic 37

Sean Lee took honors for the Mavs, scoring 23 points. Jontayvious Dunbar had 12. For the Magic, Alton Sapp hd 16 points and Derrick Brooks 13.
Lakers 41-Cavs 23
Elijah Jones had 10 points and Korwin Kyle 9 to pace the Lakers. Malcolm Dingle put in 19 points to lead the Cavs.
Rockers 58-Heat 45
Three players, Corey Kirkwood with 21, Deron Jordan with 14 and Duvale Page with 11 led the Rockets. The Heat’s top scorers were Luis Rivera with 14 and Eric Duren with 11.

Midget junior girls

Feb. 6
Diamonds 19-Sparks 17
Three girls, Alicia Torres with 7 and Charlien Pierre and Savannah Fincham with 4 each led the Diamonds. On the other side, leaders were Keyona Britton with 7 and Markita Session with 4.

Feb. 5
Wildcats 18-Bobcats 14

Kayla Rocker led this cat fight, scoring 15 of the Wildcats 18 points. Justine Liva led the Bobcats with 8.
Midway 20-Rage 6
Top scorers for Midway were LaShai Richardson with 8 and Comisha Lewis with 4. Tyesa Jones was top scorer for the Rage.

Feb. 1
Sparks 26-Wildcats 14

Sadrina Sampson led the Sparks with 10 points. Wildcats’ top scorer was Kayla Rocker with 10.
Diamonds 29-Rage 5
Charlien Pierre with 15 and Alicia Torres with 8 led the Diamonds. While the Rage’s top shooters were Mikayla Lovett with 3 and Tyesha Jones with 2.
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