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Season ends, Hammerheads look to districts
McKaylin Darsey, 10, swims her 50-yard freestyle to a first place finish. - photo by Photo provided.

The regular season for the Liberty County Hammerheads ended in Baxley at the last meet of the regular season. Now, the team is looking toward the district meet July 14 in Hazlehurst. The District meet will determine which swimmers will participate as members of the State Swim Team in individual or relay events.
"This is the most stressful time for the swimmers as well as the coach," coach Susan Baker said. "As the season goes by the swimmers realize how important the district will be and that the district meet determines who goes. The swimmers have been working extremely hard to drop time and hopefully in the end make the state team for a wonderful adventure to swim in huge swimming event."    
In Baxley, the Liberty swimmers dealt with bugs and unwanted rains which, at times, delayed the meet.
"I am so excited about the district meet because I feel I have not seen how well these swimmers can swim," Baker said.

Distance events were held first.
The 50 yard freestyle was swum by: Harlee Stanford (4th), Landa Owens (7th), Elizabeth Anglehart (8th), Tori Miller (10th), McKaylin Darsey (1st), Celine Beasley (6th), Alyssa Pitts 11th), and Nicholas Hahn (7th). The 100 yards freestyle swimmers were: Gatlin Woods (4th), Ransom Wilkes-Davis (1st), Dakota Woods (2nd), Taylor Baker (7th), Frankie Meadows (7th), and Thomas Baker (8th).
The 100 yard girls’ medley relay (ages 9-10) first-place swimmers were: Celine Beasley, McKaylin Darsey, Sandra Scott and Kaitlyn Anglehart earned themselves a first place finish. The 13-14 year old boy's medley first-place relay swimmers were: Kevin Morris, Dakota Woods, Ransom Wilkes-Davis, and Taylor Baker. The girl's 13-14 medley relay second-place swimmers were: Bethany Langston, Jennifer Gaughran, Margaret Turner, and Ashley Pitts. The 15-18 year old boy's third-place relay swimmers were: Joseph Owens, Thomas Baker, JD Kreutz, and Frankie Meadows.
The short distance freestyle followed the medley relay. Swimmers were: Elizabeth Anglehart (13th), Harlee Stanford (15th), Landa Owens (16th), Tori Miller (20th), Joshua Morris (5th), Sandra Scott (1st), McKaylin Darsey (2nd), Kaitlyn Anglehart (7th), Julianna Morris (11th), Alyssa Pitts (12th), and Nations Wilkes-Davis (14th). 50 yard freestyle short distance swimmers were: Stephanie Hahn (3rd), Kirsten Morris (5th), Carson Owens (11th), RJ Stanford (14th), Vision Wilkes-Davis (16th), Margaret Turner (2nd), Jennifer Gaughran (8th), Ashley Pitts (15th), Dakota Woods (3rd), Kevin Morris (5th), Jimmy Arnold (6th), Sophia Reosti (12th), JD Kreutz (5th), Joseph Owens (6th), Frankie Meadows (11th), and Thomas Baker (12th).
The breastroke event swimmers were: Joshua Morris (3rd), Celine Beasley (3rd), Julianna Morris (5th), Kaitlyn Anglehart (6th), Nicholas Hahn (4th), Kirsten Morris (2nd), Stephanie Hahn (3rd), Olivia Reosti (5th), Gatlin Woods (1st), Jennifer Gaughran (3rd), Dakota Woods (2nd), Kevin Morris (4th), Taylor Baker (5th), and Joseph Owens (4th). The swimmers in the 100 yard individual medley were: Sandra Scott (1st), McKaylin Darsey (2nd), Nicholas Hahn (4th), Stephanie Hahn (3rd), Gatlin Woods (2nd), Margaret Turner (1st), Jennifer Gaughran (4th), Bethany Langston (7th), Ransom Wilkes-Davis (2nd), Taylor Baker (4th), and JD Kreutz (4th).
Backstroke swimmers were: Harlee Stanford (5th), Tori Miller (9th), Landa Owens (10th), Elizabeth Anglehart (11th), Joshua Morris (3rd), Celine Beasley (3rd), Kaitlyn Anglehart (5th), Alyssa Pitts (8th), Nations Wilkes-Davis (6th), Kirsten Morris (2nd), Olivia Reosti (10th), RJ Stanford (5th), Vision Wilkes-Davis (11th), Bethany Langston (4th), Ashley Pitts (7th), Kevin Morris (2nd), Jimmy Arnold (3rd), Sophia Reosti (7th), Joseph Owens (6th), Thomas Baker (7th), and Frankie Meadows (10th).
The swimmers in the butterfly stroke event were: Sandra Scott (1st), Olivia Reosti (3rd), Margaret Turner (1st), Bethany Langston (5th), Ransom Wilkes-Davis (1st), Jimmy Arnold (6th), and JD Kreutz.
The freestyle relay 7-8-year-old girl fourth-place swimmers were: Tori Miller, Landa Owens, Harlee Stanford, and Elizabeth Anglehart. The 9-10 year old girl first-place swimmers were: Sandra Scott, McKaylin Darsey, Kaitlyn Anglehart, and Celine Beasley. The 11-12-year-old boy fourth-place swimmers were: RJ Stanford, Carson Owens, Vision Wilkes-Davis and Gatlin Woods. The 13-14 year old girl second-place swimmers were: Margaret Turner, Bethany Langston, Jennifer Gaughran and Ashley Pitts. The 13-14-year-old boy first-place swimmers were: Ransom Wilkes-Davis, Kevin Morris, Dakota Woods and Jimmy Arnold. The 15-18-year-old boy third-place swimmers were: JD Kreutz, Joseph Owens, Thomas Baker and Frankie Meadows.

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