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Shuman family has been a part of Cherokee Rose growth
Photo by Dee McLelland The Shumans, from left, Jack, Jackie and Charles have been a big part of Cherokee Rose Country Club’s history

Editor’s Note: Cherokee Rose Country Club is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary in 2021 and will culminate the event with the Club Championships September 18th and 19th.

The Shuman family has been a part of Cherokee Rose Country Club for the entire 50 years since its creation.

The course has been a part of their lives and Charles, Jackie and Jack Shuman have seen many changes.

“The biggest change of the club was in 1986 when we changed the course from a non-profit to an LLC,” Charles Shuman said. “We had tried a lot of things, but we needed to clean some things up within the club.”

Shuman said after that change it was still a struggle for the course.

“We tried a lot of things to make the club and the course go, but it was a struggle,” according to Shuman.

The Shuman faimily would know because they have been residents in the neighborhood since the early years.

“I bought this lot from my nephew who had bought it in 1971,” Shuman said. “This was my favorite lot and he wanted to sell it and I wanted to buy it.”

Charles and his wife Jackie get a friendly reminder of the course everyday because the front of the house looks over the No. 18 green and the back looks out onto the No. 6 teebox.

“This house saved us during Covid because everyone comes by on No. 6 and waves to us everyday,” he added.

During her playing days, Jackie Shuman owns the title of most holes in one with one on three of the Par 3’s.

“I had a hole in one on each Par 3 except No. 17,” she said.

While Charles is regarded as one of the people that helped Cherokee Rose get stable, his son Jack has been a board member for years and has help guide the club.

“We have the best board here at Cherokee Rose,” Jack said. “I think the board is proactive rather than be reactive. We have a working plan and have bought a lot of equipment to get the course in the best shape it has been.”

Shuman also said the work by John Holiman over the last year has helped along with Steve Wiggins.

“The things John has done has brought us up to date inside the clubhouse and Steve has been instrumental in all our projects,” he added. “The Jake Blitz has really boosted play and brought a lot of players to the club. That has led to increased play not only from members but also from the outside. We are increasing our cart fleet in a few months and that’s a wonderful thing to see and the course is in the best shape it has ever been.”

The Club Championship is this weekend, Sept. 18-19.

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