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Somebody gets out her Magic 8 ball to get on track
Week Eight College Pickem
The Coastal Couriers weekly college football pickem contest is easy, fun and free. Play at

Welcome to week eight of the Coastal Courier’s weekly college football pick-em contest, where pickers are competing to win a $2,500 vacation card and some bragging rights.

Among the Coastal Courier’s VIP’s participating are general manager Kathryn Fox, sponsor Tyler Arnold, advertising operations manager Lori McCampbell and the absented-minded editor himself, Jeff Whitten.

McCampbell (LM) and Whitten (JW) provide the commentary again this week.

LM: Week 7 results were better than Week 6! Jeff, looks like you had rough week choosing only 8 of the 15 games correctly. If you had agreed with me more often on some of these games you might actually have taken the lead over Kathryn Fox. Then there’s Tyler Arnold, creeping his way up the VIP poll and he started two weeks behind. C’mon Jeff get it together!

It’s all in good fun and that’s what I’ve enjoyed about this experience the past couple of weeks. I’m all about some good healthy competition, but I also like to have fun. The weeks have been flying by this season and the playoffs are just around the corner. This is when it gets interesting. Alabama has maintained its No. 1 ranking since preseason, but Clemson went down to unranked Syracuse. Auburn went down to unranked LSU. Georgia Tech lost in the last few seconds to Miami. Florida was defeated by Texas A&M. Washington State vs. Cal really disappointed me as the Cougars gave up the ball seven times and suffered the biggest losing margin for any ranked team inside the top 20 this year.

What is going on in college football? Upsets on top of upsets!

Let’s see what week 8 has to offer and how the Top 15 games will match up. I’m taking a different approach this week. I will not rely on stats and computer generated formulas to pick the winner of each game. Nope. This week we ask the Magic 8 Ball.

JW: I’ll stick with chicken bones, feathers and my neighbor’s cat. It outpicked me last week.

Auburn vs. Arkansas
LM: If Auburn was to win, it would still have to face No. 3 UGA and No. 1 Alabama. According to the magic 8 ball, “Signs point to yes” for the War Tiger Eagles.
JW: I saw the outline of a giant grinning gopher named Bo in my coffee grounds this morning, and that means Arkansas wins! Or maybe it means I got the wrong coffee.

Oklahoma State vs. Texas
LM: Magic 8 ball says, “Very doubtful,” that Oklahoma St. will beat the Longhorns. Hook’em Horns! Texas wins.
JW: I smelled a funny smell driving into work Tuesday. Sure sign the Cowboys win.

Wake Forest vs. Georgia Tech
LM: Wake Forest wins. According to Magic 8 ball, “It is decidedly so.”
JW: Magic 8 ball is full of applesauce. Go Tech.

Iowa vs. Northwestern
LM: Magic 8 ball says Iowa wins, “Without a doubt.”
JW: What’s that stuff inside the Magic 8 ball, anyway. Looks like squid ink or something. It’s all blue-ey.
Oh, and Iowa wins.

Louisville vs. Florida State
LM: No help from Magic 8 ball here. I asked “Can Louisville beat Florida State?” Magic 8 ball response: “Cannot predict now.” My prediction is Florida State wins.
JW: Here at the Courier braintrust — hah — we’re all in on Florida State. Which means I probably should pick whichever team it is I’m not picking.

Syracuse vs. Miami
LM: I asked Magic 8 ball three times and each answer was “Cannot predict now.” Fine! Going with Syracuse. Did you see that performance against No. 2 ranked Clemson? Orangemen win.
JW: Any team that can beat Clemson is good in my book. I’m now picking Syracuse to win the ACC.

Colorado vs. Washington State
LM: Can Washington State hold on to the football this week Magic 8 ball? “Without a doubt.” Washington State wins.
JW: Best quote Mike Leach ever said came after ‘Deflategate.’
“We waste a lot of time with that, and then we worry about the Kardashians. How can it be that we laugh about England’s obsession with the royal family? At least the royal family has college degrees and military service.”
You tell ‘em, coach.

Indiana vs. Michigan State
LM: Michigan St. wins even though Magic 8 ball says “Outlook good” for Indiana.
JW: I know a giant roundheaded know-it-all Michigan State alumni. I’m picking the Spartans anyway.

Tennessee vs. Alabama
LM: This won’t be hard to pick. Roll Tide! I asked Magic 8 ball can Tennessee beat Alabama, “Most likely.” Magic 8 ball has been shaken too much and is not thinking clearly.
JW: Hey, if Syracuse can beat Clemson, I’m thinking somebody can beat ’Bama. So UT it is, just in case.

Central Florida vs. Navy
LM: According to Magic 8 ball, UCF will not beat Navy, “Outlook not so good.” Navy wins.
JW: I used to pull for Navy when I was in the Army. Old habits die hard.

North Carolina vs. Virginia Tech
LM: Will UNC beat VA Tech? Magic 8 ball replied, “My sources say no.” VA Tech wins.
JW: I think Punky Brewster was a Tar Heel.

Oregon vs. UCLA
LM: Magic 8 ball, will Oregon beat UCLA? “Don’t count on it.” UCLA Wins.
JW: Tea leaves say the same thing.

Kentucky vs. Mississippi State
LM: Will Kentucky win this weekend? Magic 8 ball says, “It is decidedly so.” I like the way you think, Magic 8 ball. C-A-T-S, CATS, CATS, CATS!!
JW: It’s getting so deep in here. I’ll ride with the Magic 8 ball on this one, though.

USC vs. Notre Dame
LM: Is USC better than Notre Dame? Magic 8 ball replied, “Don’t count on it.”
JW: Way back when I was a kid and there was only one or two college football games a week on TV, this one was a classic. Maybe it’s headed that way again. Roll, Trojans.

Michigan vs. Penn State
LM: Will Harbaugh’s Wolverines defeat Penn State? “Most likely.” I’ll take those odds. Michigan wins. Go Blue!
JW: I got Harbaughed last time I picked Michigan. Never again.

Coastal Courier leaderboard 

User Score
KBell (GA) 76
LM2017 (GA) 76
tisaeb14 (GA) 75
kenbran102 (GA) 75
slab (GA) 74
calebb (GA) 74
Ericaanne (GA) 72
eaglechick (GA) 70
wdover (GA) 69
shannalat (GA) 69
poke36 (GA) 67
Kaypwells (GA) 67
widow622 (GA) 59
johnny171 (AR) 58
wolves (CO) 56
lchs1996 (GA) 53
collene (WV) 51
floridasuc (FL) 44
Georgeann7 (GA) 40
POPS1278 (GA) 33
5star (GA) 20
amarii (GA) 11
maudsquad (GA) 8

Courier VIP picks
Lori McCampbell 76
Kathryn Fox 59
Tyler Arnold 53
Jeff Whitten 51

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