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Swimmers take state berths
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The Liberty County Hammerheads recently completed a successful district swim meet at Douglas, competing against five other counties in District 2. Swimmers were required to finish first, second or third in order to qualify for state championships.
“This meet was the most nerve-racking for the swimmers as me the coach,” coach Susan Baker said. “The competition is fierce and many swimmers leave disappointed and many swimmers leave very happy.”
There was no difference with this meet on July 9.
The meet started with the distance swim. Kirsten Morris, Margaret Turner and Stephanie Hahn swam first with second, third and fifth place finishes, respectively. Jennifer Gaughran and Nicole Puckett swam to fifth and eighth place finishes, respectively. Taylor Baker placed fourth and Thomas Baker finished out the event in ninth place.
The first of the relays, the medley relay, began with the 11- to 12-year-old girls, Bethany Langston, Kirsten Morris, Margaret Turner and Stephanie Hahn finishing third. The 13-14 girls, Nicole Puckett, Jenny Windham, Olivia Reosti and Jennifer Gaughran finished fifth. The 13-14 boys, Kevin Morris, Dakota Woods, Ransom Wilkes-Davis and Taylor Baker finished first. The 15-18 boys, Joseph Owens, Thomas Baker, JD Kreutz and Kevin Owens finished fifth.
The next event, freestyle, had awesome results. Samuel Baker (7) finished fifth, Jimmy Arnold (12) finished seventh, Olivia Reosti (11) finished 13th, Ransom Wilkes-Davis (13) finished third, Dakota Woods (13) finished fifth, Joseph Owens (17) finished ninth and Kevin Owens (14) finished 11th.
After the freestyle, the breast stroke saw Nicholas Hahn (8) finish second, Kirsten Morris (11) finish fifth, Stephanie Hahn (11) finish seventh, Gatlin Woods (11) finish second, Jenny Windham (13) finish fourth, Dakota Woods (13) finish first, Kevin Woods (13) finish second and Thomas Baker (16) finish sixth.
The toughest event, individual medley had Margaret Turner finish third, Gatlin Woods finish third, Jennifer Gaughran finish sixth, Nicole Puckett finish seventh, and JD Kreutz (16) finish second.
The backstroke followed the individual medley. Samuel Baker finished fourth, Patrick Baker (8) finished fifth, Bethany Langston finished second, Jimmy Arnold finished third, Jenny Windham finished fifth, Kevin Morris finished second and Joseph Owens finished third.
The butterfly was the last individual event before the final relay. Nicholas Hahn finished third, Patrick Baker finished sixth, Bethany Langston finished fourth, Olivia Reosti finished fourth, Ransom Wilkes-Davis finished third, and JD Kreutz finished fourth.
The freestyle relay topped off a great day. The 11-12 girls, Margaret Turner, Stephanie Hahn, Bethany Langston and Kirsten Morris finished fourth. The 13-14 girls, Nicole Puckett, Jennifer Gaughran, Jenny Windham, and Olivia Reosti finished fifth. The 13-14 boys, Dakota Woods, Taylor Baker, Kevin Morris, and Ransom Wilkes-Davis finished second. The 15-18 boys, Joseph Owens, Thomas Baker, JD Kreutz and Kevin Owens finished fifth.
In the end, 13 swimmers qualified for state; Nicholas Hahn, Gatlin Woods, Jimmy Arnold, Ransom Wilkes-Davis, Kevin Morris, Dakota Woods, Taylor Baker, JD Kreutz, Joseph Owens, Stephanie Hahn, Kirsten Morris, Margaret Turner, and Bethany Langston.

Martin is director of Liberty County Recreation Department, that sponsors the Hammerheads.
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