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The only thing predictable is the unpredictable
Week Seven College Pickem

The Coastal Courier’s weekly college football pick’em contest is easy, fun and free. Play at

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Welcome to week seven of the Coastal Courier’s weekly college football pick-em contest, where pickers are competing to win a $2,500 vacation card and some bragging rights.

Among the Coastal Courier’s VIP’s participating are general manager Kathryn Fox, sponsor Tyler Arnold, advertising operations manager Lori McCampbell and the absented-minded editor himself, Jeff Whitten.

McCampbell (LM) and Whitten (JW) provide the commentary again this week.

LM: Week seven was alright but I wasn’t able to regain my 1st place National Ranking! I missed 4 of the 15 games played last week, but that’s what makes college football so much fun to watch, the unpredictable upsets!! I wasn’t all that confident that NC State could put a stop to the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Lamar Jackson but they handled their business at home in front of a very enthusiastic crowd. I think this gave the Wolfpack a little edge because it was really messing with Louisville’s rhythm. Jackson had a few great plays, but the Wolfpack defense did their homework… This week tested my heart health with so many games coming down to the wire! How about Mark Richt and those Miami Hurricanes? When did the Gamecocks finally wake up? And finally, those boys at Stanford taking down Utah… when you have injuries and underclassmen filling in for seasoned veterans, at this point in the season it’s anybody’s game. Severely disappointed in Michigan but my Kentucky Wildcats prevailed over Missouri. So aside from the gift card slipping away, the boys in Big Blue Nation are looking at an opportunity to compete for the SEC East championship. Good luck everyone!

JW: I’m just glad the Gamecocks won. And we’re not even gonna talk about what’s going on over in Statesboro right now. A once proud program — those six national titles didn’t just happen, you know — settling into worse than mediocrity thanks to a couple bad hires.
It’s time to GATA, folks.
Now for this week’s games:

Washington State vs. California
LM: Washington St. wins. The Cougars seek to remain undefeated as they remain focused after their win against USC. California has been beat by double digits their last three games so they may not be able to overcome the Cougar’s explosive offense.

JW: Mike Leach is an evil genius. That and the fact Cal let me down last week means Cougars win this one.

Arkansas vs. Alabama
LM: Alabama wins. I mean Arkansas just got smoked by South Carolina! Pretty sure this week will be the same outcome for the Razorbacks as last week. I smell more fresh smoked hog!

JW: Yep. I’d hesitate to pick the Atlanta Falcons over Alabama. This team is that good.

Georgia Tech vs. Miami
LM: Miami wins. Canes and Yellow Jackets will battle for ACC Coastal supremacy on Saturday. Watch out for the Hurricanes defense. Walton is out for Miami with an ankle injury and with little depth at the RB position, Coach Richt will be relying on backup from Travis Homer. They may try to be more pass heavy this week without their star player. Passing was on point last week in the last few seconds so Junior QB Mark Rosier should have a boost of confidence going into this week.

JW: Tech wins. Paul Johnson will have that triple option eating up vast chunks of yardage and time. Miami won’t know what hit ‘em.

Texas A&M vs. Florida
LM: Texas A&M wins. Aggies go into the swamp to face the Gators who are coming off a loss at home against LSU in week six. I watched that snap on the extra point attempt and when it missed the uprights I thought to myself, that will be the difference in this game… one mistake and one point away from possible overtime. Can the Gators overcome their loss? Plagued by injuries and suspensions, it looks like Florida is clinging to life. They’ve dropped out of the TOP 25 and if Kentucky continues to play well they could be looking at a 8 or 9 win season as a top SEC East contender, not the Gators.

JW: The Gators win. I don’t know why I’m picking Florida, but I am.

South Carolina vs. Tennessee
LM: South Carolina wins. South Carolina will more than likely win this battle, however, this could go either way. This game will be interesting. Will we see the Gamecocks team that turned the Razorbacks into pulled pork last Saturday? Jeff Whitten, there is still hope for Muschamp to remain employed after this season…or is there? They have a tough road ahead with Vanderbilt, Georgia, Florida, and Clemson still to play. They’ll be lucky to finish out the season with a .500 win percentage.

JW: Chicken Curse strikes this week. Again.

Oklahoma vs. Texas
LM: I can only hope that Oklahoma wins this week. This is one of the most passionate and unpredictable rivalries in all of college football. The Sooners are going to have to get over that mental hurdle after coming off a tragic loss to Iowa State last week. They gave up a 14 point lead at home. Despite their struggles on defense last week, offensively they still played a solid game as Baker Mayfield threw for 306 yards, 2 TDs, and no interceptions. If there is one thing I know about Oklahoma, it is their ability to overcome major hurdles and criticism and will be ready to battle one play at a time this Saturday. Proud to be Sooner! BOOMER!!!

JW: Sooners lost because of those stupid uniforms. This week they lose because Texas beats ‘em.

The rest of the games:

TCU vs. Kansas State
LM: TCU wins.

Texas Tech vs. West Virginia
LM: West Virginia wins.
JW: Texas Tech

Purdue vs. Wisconsin
LM, JW: Wisconsin wins.

Ohio St. vs. Nebraska
LM: Though my dislike for the Buckeyes runs deep and as much as I hate saying this, Ohio State wins.
JW: Can’t stand the Buckeyes, but they win.

Michigan State vs. Minnesota
LM, JW: Michigan State. wins.

Utah vs. USC-West
LM: USC -W wins.
JW: Utah

Boise State vs. San Diego State.
LM: SDSU. wins.
JW: Smurf Turfers win.

Oregon vs. Stanford
LM and JW: Stanford wins.

Auburn vs. LSU
LM: Auburn wins.
JW: I think LSU about to cook some War Eagle gumbo.

Coastal Courier leaderboard: 
KBell (GA) 64
slab (GA) 64
LM2017 (GA) 64
tisaeb14 (GA) 63
kenbran102 (GA) 63
calebb (GA) 62
Ericaanne (GA) 60
Kaypwells (GA) 59
eaglechick (GA) 58
wdover (GA) 57
shannalat (GA) 57
poke36 (GA) 54
johnny171 (AR) 51
wolves (CO) 50
widow622 (GA) 47
jeffwhitt (GA) 43
lchs1996 (GA) 41
collene (WV) 39
floridasuc (FL) 32
Georgeann7 (GA) 28
POPS1278 (GA) 22
5star (GA) 11

Courier VIP picks:
Lori McCampbell 64
Kathryn Fox 47
Jeff Whitten 43
Tyler Arnold 41

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