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Tigers move ball; not enough to spill Coffee
With Sheldon Barnes in front for the block, Magaw tucks the ball away for a quarterback keeper and some positive yardage. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
Tigers vs. Coffee, 33-14

The stands were at capacity Friday for about 30 minutes, then the skies opened up and the lightning knocked out the stadium lights twice. It was a message of things to come.
By the time the Bradwell Tigers and the Coffee County Trojans took to the field two hours from the original kickoff time, the home-team stand was nearly empty. Die-hard Coffee County fans who stuck out the bad weather made a party of it and soon the pizza delivery man showed up with about 30 pizzas for the hungry Trojan crowd.
Apparently, they weren’t the only hungry ones.
Coffee County took the field on the first offensive drive and, like a hungry warrior in need of Tiger meat, easily took the ball all the way across the field for a touchdown. After missing the extra point it was a 6-0 lead for the Trojans who used a minute and a half in their opening drive.
Throughout the entire game it was apparent the Trojans front offensive linemen were bigger and stronger than the Tigers. The Trojans front opened gaps for stellar running back Melvin Loving, who kept finding holes and making the necessary cuts to gain yards.
At the beginning of the second quarter the Trojans had a 13-0 lead, primarily from the running game of Loving along with Rod Jones, Dermane Gaskins and a few passes caught by the Demario Bennett.
The Tigers offense regrouped in the second quarter and senior quarterback Josh Magaw threw a pass to Manuel Crum who drew a pass interference penalty when he was hit by two Trojan defenders too early.
The running combination of back Sheldon Barnes and quarterback Magaw helped move the ball down field and an offside penalty by Coffee County placed the Tigers in scoring position with a first down on the Trojans’ 15-yard line. Demario Day then took the ball down to the 9 after a block by Barnes opened up the middle of the field. Barnes ran the ball to the 4, giving the Tigers a first and goal.
But the Trojans defense held strong and the Tigers looked at a fourth and inches at the half-yard line after a dropped snap that was recovered by the Tigers. Going for it on fourth down, the Tigers drove the ball in for the score. The point after by kicker Joey Lliso made it a 13-7 ball game.
The Trojans came back offensively and Loving continued to move the ball as they were determined to put more points on the board before ending the half. They had a 19-7 lead to end the half and began the third quarter with another scoring drive, making it 26-7.
The fourth quarter started with Magaw being hit hard. forcing him to leave the game for a few snaps. Day stepped into the quarterback position.
After a penalty against the Tigers, Day threw a pass that was tipped by a defensive Trojan and caught in the end zone by Ronald Joseph. The point after by Lliso was good and the score was 26-14 with 8:35 left on the clock.
But Trojan quarterback Burke Batten once again handed the ball to Loving, Jones and Gaskins as they stacked up yards and time off the clock. The Trojans scored again with 2:30 remaining, making it 33-14.
Magaw came back into the game but the Trojan defense held strong and with the clock winding down to zero, the Trojan fans celebrated their victory amid the storm.
The Tigers now have a bye week as they prepare for regional action starting Sept. 28 when they host Beach.
The game is scheduled to be broadcast live on WOAH 106.3 FM.
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