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Tigers sting Yellow Jackets
Lady tigers buzz their way to victory (43-32), Men win 49-43
Pep talk! Lady Tiger head coach Faye Baker talks with her players during a break in Saturday's game against Wayne County.
The Lady Tigers removed the sting from their fresh wound and loss to the Jenkins Warriors Friday night by scraping the stinger off the Yellow Jackets in their own hive Saturday afternoon. The Men Tigers followed suit by stinging the Jackets 49-43.
Lady Tigers 43, Lady Jackets 32
Lady Tiger coach Faye Baker said her team did a decent job of pressing the Yellow Jackets early in the game, allowing her squad easy baskets she felt was critical in their victory. She was also pleased her team was using a better strategy throughout the evening.
“I’m still concerned about the turnover ratio,” she said. “We had 18 tonight and we are trying to make better decisions on the floor. That is one of the things we talked about, making better decisions. We have four regular season games left and we still want to sharpen up. I’m still a little concerned about our sharpness on the floor.”
Baker acknowledged that it has been a tough season as the players look toward their final four regular games. Her Lady Tigers, however, have proven worthy of post season action among the best.
“Our region is tough you know,” she said. “We have to come ready to play every night and last night was a tough game (Jenkins). Tuesday night was a tough game (Camden). And I’m sure that fatigued us as we came here to play, but it just let’s us know where our heart is.
“That’s why I’m glad we were able to come back and win tonight because I know we were probably a little leg weary. I thought our bench came into the game and gave us a spark tonight because I knew we would have to rely on them a lot.”
Baker said she feels sometimes she harps on the negativity of her team, but there are a lot of positive aspects she speaks about as well.
“We are still on top of our region right now and as tough as our region is that is a real good thing,” she said.
The Lady Tigers were scheduled to take on Savannah High last night and as coach Baker said, “That game is going to be another hard battle.”

Tigers 49, Yellow Jackets 43
The last time the Tigers faced the Yellow Jackets, the Tigers came away with a 15-point victory. This time, on the Jackets home court, things were a little closer.
“I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they’ve improved since the last time we played them,” Tiger coach Pete Woodard said. “We played them earlier this year and, as many teams that we played earlier, they played a closer game with us the second time around because as the season progresses teams do get better. They had a chance to work on things and prepare for you when they know what you are going to do.”
With the victory behind them the Tigers focused on bigger prey. Primarily they were scheduled to try to topple Savannah High’s undefeated record last night. A game that started after press time. Highlights will be featured in Friday’s Courier.
After his victory over the Yellow Jackets, coach Woodard gave his thoughts on what his Tiger squad needed to do against Savannah.
“Well the plan is to play with intensity,” he said. “Play some good defense and protect the ball because I feel we can win over Savannah. I mean, after all, we took them to overtime on their home court earlier this season. I’m kind of pleased we have the home court support and the home crowd and the boys are going to be motivated. That is going to be motivation enough, knowing they could have had that victory the last time we played them.”
As the Tigers approach their final four games of regular season the question of team fatigue was a topic of concern for Woodard, as it was for Baker as well.
“The assistant coach and I were just talking about this,” Woodard said. “It has been a long season and yes, I think fatigue has set in a little. That’s why we have to always have more players to come in to play for the team.”
Helping them to victory over the Yellow Jackets was the Tigers deep bench, which Woodard used.
“I really did,” he said. “I had to because we played them man-to-man tonight.”
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