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Top 15 College Football Pickoff is back again
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Here are our teaser predictions for week 5 college pick’em from the Coastal Courier’s Lori McCampbell and Jeff Whitten.

North Carolina vs. Georgia Tech
LM: GA TECH wins. The Yellow Jackets have an advantage as they play at home against a team who’s injury report has gone from bad to worse. The Tar Heels have taken the victory in their last three meetings but as long as the Yellow Jackets close down the passing lanes for UNC early they should be able to get ahead of the Tar Heels. UNC’s lengthy injury report going into week 5 will certainly hinder their ability to score and stop the Yellow Jackets ground game.
JW: I’m pulling for Tech because I wish Paul Johnson was back at Georgia Southern. So do lots of Eagles fans.
Iowa vs. Michigan State
LM: IOWA wins because I don’t like Michigan State.
JW: Michigan State wins because the Spartans’ coach, Mark Dantonio, is a South Carolina Gamecock. He played three seasons as a defensive back for coach Jim Carlin way back in the day.

Georgia vs. Tennessee
LM: Georgia. There’s so much irony in this matchup. After coming off a conference loss to Florida the same way Tennessee Beat Georgia by Hail Mary last time they met …. Georgia will face a tough Rocky Top crowd as they look to defeat the Volunteers on the road. Again, what a difference a good kicker makes in close games… The Vols will need to get the ball through the uprights to avoid another tragic SEC loss this week.
JW: Georgia. This is one of those lesser of two obnoxious evils, since I can’t stand either school. But if the same Georgia that just put the hammer down on Mississippi State is the same Georgia we see the rest of the season, look out.  

Vanderbilt Vs. Florida
LM: Tennessee couldn’t handle the Gators in the swamp so let’s see if Vandy can get the job done. Vandy has a shutdown defense that could put the Gators to the ultimate test this week. As long as Vanderbilt doesn’t botch their pass coverage like Tennessee did on that last hail Mary, they should be fine. I don’t see the Gators getting a conference win this week or the next. I’m a fan of anyone who plays against the Gators and the Buckeyes. GO VANDY! And how is FL still ranked in the top 25?
JW: I want to say Vandy, but the Commodores might still be trying to figure out what day it is after what Alabama did to them last week.

South Carolina vs. Texas A&M
LM: TEXAS A&M wins. Sorry Jeff, looks like another mark in the loser column for the Gamecocks in week 5. The Aggies have defeated USC in their last 3 meetings. We shall see how they perform on the road week 5 but it doesn’t look too promising considering they were only able to put up 13 points against Kentucky. Looks like they could use a little help with special teams….I mean three missed field goal attempts, that was the difference in the game against KY. Get it together Gamecocks. Oh, and one more thing… Shame on you coach Muschamp for snubbing the handshake between the team captains. Your team got what they deserved and maybe you’ll show a little more respect next meeting, if you’re still coaching that is.
JW: Hush now. Go Gamecocks. USC wins.
Northwestern vs. Wisconsin
LM: Wisconsin wins. This is really a no-brainer.
JW: I agree.

Clemson vs. Virginia Tech
LM: VA Tech wins. This is going to be the upset of the week as the Hokies try to defeat Clemson for the first time since 2007. This is a very even playing field. Two teams that have started off well, they are separated by only a few ranks in PPG, PA/G, & Passing yard. The difference here will be rushing yards and kicking. Clemson kicker Huegel is out for the season which could give the Hokies a slight advantage. This will be close, so if it comes down to a field goal, will the junior Alex Spence be able to handle the pressure for the Tigers?
JW: I so hope you’re right and I take Hokies. Of course, I’d take Kim Jong Un if he was playing Clemson.  

Colorado vs.. UCLA
LM: Colorado wins and this is my upset of the week pick! If the Buffaloes can shut down the passing lanes, this game could go well for them. Last week UCLA’s Josh Rosen’s 480 yard performance wasn’t enough to hold off Stanford’s 58-34 win over the Bruins. Again, penalties could be a difference here for UCLA. If Colorado runs the ball well and they can stop the Bruins aerial attack, they stand a very good chance at taking home a win in week 5.
JW: UCLA wins, Bison are organic jerky.

California vs. Oregon
LM: Oregon wins. Did you see that double O/T thriller against these two last year? Cal is on the road and they are looking for that rare back-to-back win against the Ducks since the 2008 season. The Ducks have the edge offensively and will need to limit penalties and turnovers to maintain it, especially since Cal has an offense that has consistently shot itself in the foot.
JW: Daffy Duck is the only duck I got any love for. Cal wins..

Ole Miss vs. Alabama
LM: Alabama wins. They dominated the Vanderbilt shut-down defense and completely shut out the Commodores at Vanderbilt Stadium 59-0 last week. Ole Miss doesn’t have an ammo in their arsenal to even make a serious attempt at winning this week.
JW: Alabama. The Tide could beat New England.

Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech
LM: Oklahoma State wins. Tough to see the Cowboys go down to TCU in week 4 but they need bounce back because the Raiders are looking to improve on their 3-0 record this week as they host Oklahoma State. The Texas Tech Raiders have averaged 437.67 passing yards per game which is more than the Cowboys give up through the air. Mason Rudolph’s 398 yard aerial performance  wasn’t enough to take down TCU last week so they’re going to have to get more out of the running backs to complete their offense if they are going to secure a win in week 5.
JW: I agree. Cowboys win.

Mississippi State vs. Auburn
LM: Auburn wins. Mississippi State’s offense was shut down last week by the Georgia Bulldogs in a 31-3 loss as they just couldn’t seem to get their running game going which forced Nick Fitzgerald to try to beat UGA by putting the ball in the air. This looks promising for Auburn who smashed Mizzou as they ran up a 51-14 score in week 4 on the road. Auburn heads into this week with a No. 24 ranked rushing offense at home, but will their run defense suffice? They need to shut down the running lanes quick and let the pass defense do the rest.
JW: Auburn. UGA figured out how to stop Fitzgerald, so War Eagles should prevail.

Arizona State vs. Stanford
LM: Stanford wins. Stanford is favored by 16.5 this week as the Sun Devils visit the Cardinals this Saturday for a game that pits Stanford’s No. 26 ranked offense against the No. 116 ranked ASU state defens. Manny Wilkins led the Sun Devils last week connecting for 347 passing yards and securing a 37-35 victory over the Ducks. This looks to be a great matchup heading into week 5 and though I think Stanford has a little edge on the Sun Devils with their rushing yards, I will be surprised if this one doesn’t go into O/T.
JW: Stanford and sons win.

Maryland vs. Minnesota
LM: Minnesota. The Gophers will try to pick up a win in week 5 with their passing attack which has averaged 173 yards per game and the no. 55 ranked offense. Maryland owns the league’s No. 31-rated front 7 in terms of stopping the run, allowing 98 yards per game on the road. Maryland was hammered by UCF last week as UCF ran up a 38-10 score at Maryland Stadium. I’d say this looks like a solid win for the Gophers at TCF Bank Stadium.
JW: The Gophers? Seriously?

USC-W vs. Washington State
LM: USC-W Wins. USC-W has long held dominance over Washington State. This looks to be pretty decent matchup on paper so the Trojans will need to hold on to the ball and limit their penalty yards. USC-W is still undefeated and is riding the second-longest winning streak in the country but the Trojans are not making it easy on themselves.
JW: Hereabouts, USC means the University of South Carolina. Trojans win.

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