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Top 15 College Football Pickoff
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Here are our teaser predictions for week 4 college pick’em from the Coastal Courier’s Lori McCampbell and Jeff Whitten.

Utah vs. Arizona
LM: Arizona wins. Last two visits to Arizona have ended in losses for Utah. Arizona has the advantage if they can continue to put up big rushing yards going into week 4. Utah has a tough defense, but will it be enough?
JW: Nope. Utah wins because they have better looking helmets.

Florida vs. Kentucky
LM: Florida is on the road with a tough Kentucky Wildcat crowd to contend with. My Old Kentucky Home! There’s been strong competition between these two teams the past few years. Kentucky has to move the ball well on the ground and throw off the Gators with some stellar pass plays. They have the better game offensively and the defense has strength and power to hold off the Gators especially on their own field. I think my Wildcats will prevail this week! C-A-T-S, CATS, CATS, CATS!!!
JW: Kentucky just beat my favorite team, South Carolina, in Williams-Brice Stadium, and the Wildcats just might be the best team in the SEC East. Wildcats win by a field goal.

Arkansas Vn. Texas A&M
LM: Texas A&M wins. Aggies have won this matchup the last 5 times these two teams have played. I don’t know that Arkansas can overcome the Aggies while on the road.
JW: The Aggies are on the verge of a meltdown, and last week’s performance against a Sun Belt team was hardly enough to inspire confidence. So, I’m picking the Hogs.

Texas Tech vs. Houston
LM: Texas Tech wins. Houston just doesn’t seem to have enough offensively to get the job done this week. Tech has huge advantages in their passing offense. May the Raiders have mercy on the Cougars.
JW: What LM said. Besides, Tech has Zorro on its side, horse, sword, mask, cape and all. That’s pretty cool.

NC State vs. Florida State
LM: NC State wins. Odds favor Florida State but I struggle to find the stats that can prove those favorable odds. Florida State has put up the fewest points in the ACC. NC State has the advantage here despite being on the road.
JW: Oh, please. Florida State will beat the Wolfpack handily. This game might be close for a quarter, but then the ‘Noles will give their fans plenty to chop about.

Pittsburgh vs. Georgia Tech
LM: Georgia Tech wins. You have to be able to run the ball in college football and the Yellow Jackets do that well. If they keep the Pitt defense on the field they will wear them down allowing them to take over the game.
JW: Agree with Lori. Besides, my favorite college football coach is Paul Johnson. Love the triple option. I wish Georgia Southern still ran it. Paul Johnson come home.

UCF vs. Maryland
LM: Maryland wins. That win against 23rd ranked Texas at Texas gives me the confidence to pick Maryland over UCF this week. UCF has only one game in this season since last week they were postponed by Hurricane Irma so with Maryland at home there is more than enough potential for them to take home a win.
JW: Maryland may have the world’s weirdest looking state flag, but they will beat Central Florida.

Duke vs. North Carolina:
LM: Duke wins. Duke leads the ACC Coastal standings with UNC at the bottom of the conference. Duke has put up 50 points per game which tops the ACC in scoring. North Carolina has no chance against this dual threat offense.
JW: That’s right.

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