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What the #$#%&*@! happened to LSU?
Armchair Willie

What the #$#%&*!

What happened to LSU? They made Mississippi State look like the next coming of the SEC Air Raid! Never has a defending national champion looked so bad.

Coach O better get his Bengal Tigers back on track or the folks in the bayou are going to be calling for his head again!

Ol’ Willie went 5-2 last week, but the only ones I missed were Auburn-Kentucky and LSU. #$#$$@#! Again LSU.

SOUTH CAROLINA at FLORIDA: The Gameocks dropped a game to the Vols they could have, and many say, should have won. Will Muschamp is getting hotter and hotter each week. This ain’t the week it gets any cooler.


MISSOURI at TENNESSEE: Tennessee got out of South Carolina with a win. It was the kind of game that the Vols usually lose in the past, but maybe Jeremy Pruitt is starting to build something that can work in Knoxville.

Missouri showed some fight against Alabama after the Tide had started to turn its attention to Texas A&M after building a big lead. 


TEXAS A&M at ALABAMA: Never has a 31 point favorite, besides #$@%^&*&! LSU looked as bad as A&M looked against an outmanned Vanderbilt squad last week.

The Aggies may want to tell us they didn’t want to show Bama anything, but to me it’s the same old A&M and I believe the Tide is on a mission this year.


MISSISSIPPI at KENTUCKY: Kentucky played Auburn tough and got some of the typical bad calls that teams get when they visit the Plains. Ole Miss on the other hand gave up over 50 to the Gators.

Ole Miss looked great in those powder blue uniforms, but it must have looked like cotton candy to Florida as they racked up point after point.

Ole Miss will score, but I think Kentucky outmans them.


ARKANSAS at MISSISSIPPI STATE: Mike Leach’s Bulldogs racked up over 600 passing yards and set an SEC record against %$##@! LSU.

They better not let Arkansas come into Stark Vegas and burst their bubble. MISSISSIPPI STATE 49, ARKANSAS 24

LSU at VANDERBILT: If there were a football power way up in the sky he would let Vandy get a win in this game.

The Vandy team put up a valliant struggle against A&M last week, but they just don’t have the playmakers to go against the Bayou Bengals.

#@$@! LSU 42, VANDERBILT 2


AUBURN AT GEORGIA: Best game of the week hands down. Auburn fought off Kentucky and Georgia finally put Arkansas away during the second half.

Looks like Auburn is Auburn and Georgia is still trying to decide who their quarterback is. Kirby Smart certainly isn’t Mike Leach when it comes to getting the most out of his QB’s and I’m afraid it’s happening again.

Georgia has cleared their transfer quarterback from USC so he will probably start after the dreck we saw last week in Arkansas for the Dawgs.

Georgia hasn’t been a great place for Auburn to play and I think the defense of Georgia will win in the end, but make no mistake, the team which loses this game could see its season start to spin out of control.


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