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Youth learn basics of game
In the middle of Cedric Dickerson’s second annual football camp, the coaches get the kids set to kick off a scrimmage. - photo by Photo by John Deike
To coach eager, athletic youngsters, college and pro football players gathered this week for Cedric Dickerson’s second annual football camp.
The three-day camp, which ran from Thursday to Saturday, featured players such as Georgia Tech’s Mike Johnson and Martin Frierson, GSU’s Marcello Estrada and Jacksonville Jaguars’ Richard Collier.
Dickerson, who played for the Canadian Football League, is a Liberty County High School alum who started the camp last year to offer the kids of the county added experience and insights on the tools of the game.
Johnson spent the first two days teaching the kids three-point stances, foot and hand placement and defensive line drills.
“We are helping these kids build their mental toughness through positive coaching. There are some good athletes out here, and we want them to know that they can play ball,” Frierson said.
Estrada, who is a 2003 LCHS graduate, was excited to come back for a second year to participate in the football camp.
“We are showing them some college and professional football drills that expose them to future football training. I am surprised about how eager they are to learn, and how well they listen. It’s very encouraging to see,” Estrada said.
“I didn’t realize how much of an effect we have on these kids,” Collier said. “We are teaching them the fundamentals of the game, and I wish I could have participated in something like this when I was a kid.”
Dickerson was pleased by the turnout of children ages 9 to 13, and he believes the camp is a stepping stone for the kids who came out.
“These kids are lucky because there is so much we can teach them,” Dickerson said. “We are giving them direction, and we are building there skills to go on and play high school, college and, hopefully, professional football.
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